Friday, January 22, 2010

vampire diaries recap: Bloodlines

i don't know if you my reader's know this, but i love Vampire Diaries.
i read the first books and let me say, for the record, the show is VERY loosely based on the books.

but i LOVE the show.
i was wicked happy when there was a new episode thursday night.
so i re-watched it yesterday afternoon and decided to write down a couple of things i thought about it.
it's spoilery. if you watched it or don't care what happened, please continue...
if you don't watch it, then oh well, sorry carry on...

i freaked out when i saw the car crash in the last episode. it was crazy and the mystery vamp creeped me out.
but then Damon to the rescue was very sweet and made him seem like he wasn't a monster, which is difficult for Damon.
that is until he kidnapped Elena and brought her to Georgia...

i really think the writers in this show need some new way of saying "I'm fine." i think every episode, at least one person says "I'm fine" when clearly they are not "fine."

i have to point out how happy i am that Jeremy hangs out with someone who isn't Vicky. i hated Vicky. plus i like sober Jeremy better than drunk/high Jeremy.

no #paulwesleyabs. that is all.

way to promote underage drinking CW. she drinks to let go for "5 minutes." cool.

i love how that new vamp guy says "If you want to be with someone forever, you have to live forever." oohh Elenaaa guess what you're going to have to choose some day *in sing-song voice*
[cough, foreshadow, cough]

i'm not asking Grams for help if 2012 comes around. she's "helping her own" first.

nice job in shaking hands with Bree's heart Damon. gross.

so Elena wanted the truth. welp, she certainly got it.
not only did Stefan tell her that he saved her from the car accident and couldn't get to her parents in time (which is so sad by the way), but then he goes and tells her she's adopted!! what?!
did not see that coming. i don't think that was in the books...

and finally, we got a flashback to Damon chomping on Alaric's girl. good stuff.
and what is with Alaric's ring?
my guess is he is not a vampire.
he lost his ring in the car and was looking for it when it was sunny outside so that ruled out him being a vamp for me, but what else could it be for though?

so Stefan loves Elena, Elena loves Stefan, and Damon still loves Katherine who Elena looks like.
i love this show.

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1 two cents' worth:

Elysie Piecie said...

So the cast is doing this mall signing thing about an hour and a half away from my house...I wanted to go, but couldn't afford it :( But an even cooler tid bit is that the show is actually filmed about 20 minutes away from my house. I haven't seen the cast, which makes me sad, but I do feel kind of cool when I recognize places. I applied to be an extra...fingers crossed :) Oh and I'm with you with the whole adoption thing...what's with it?