Monday, July 27, 2009

manuals are for chumps.

I don't like to read manuals for electronics. My theory is: if I want to use it, I'll find it on my own. This is this case with my laptop. I have a Macbook and I lovvvvve it. I think it's the best laptop evaaa. So I only tried using a Mac once before I got mine. I'll be honest, I only choose this laptop because it came with a free iPod touch and I love iPods to no end so it was a no brainer.
Free iPod = Meghan receiving a Macbook for school.
When it finally came in the mail I opened it up and the only directions I read were the ones that told me how to turn it on and how to set it up. The rest I was like whatevs I'll figure it out. And I did and I LOVE it.

Did you know you can take pictures of the screen? I've heard it called screen shot or something like that. I've srsly tried looking for it a million times. Well, I FOUND IT and I'm quite proud of myself. Took me a little bit, but I found it.
Case and point:

I was pretty pumped I found it =)

Another occasion where I'm pretty dang good at finding things. I just got the enV3. I knew how to find the most important thing, text messaging. That was a no brainer. I'm pretty good at finding that feature on all phones. It's a special skill I have. But I knew you could upload music onto the phone. With the help of my friend, we were able to figure out what was required to put the music on. I went home and figured it out. It was very easy and I didn't need to read one instruction booklet.

So there you have it, I'm a technological genius*

Who needs a manual to find stuff? ;)

*I am not. I draw the line at cellphones and random things on my laptop

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"things I think are lamespice"

I read a post over at Busy Bee Lauren's blog where she did a list of things she hates, but the rest of the world loves. She tagged it so now I'm going to do one myself! And she did this a long time ago (7/8) but I'm a slow blogger so I just finished my list, hahaha! Without further ado:

"Things I don't like that other people happen to love"

1. Writing
I know. It's ironic that I write a blog, but hate writing. I hate having to form an essay on a subject I'd rather not talk about. There are rare occasions where I get to write whatever I want and I don't mind writing, but writing for school where research is involved is the WORST. I know a lot of people who actually like to write, ehh.

2. Skirts
I can never find one that looks right on me! I have two, but NEVER wear them because they don't fit right and I can't figure out when I should wear them. I LOVE dresses though, unfortunately I don't own any cute summer ones at the moment.

3. Basketball
I'm not the biggest fan of sports in general. I mean I support the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, but any other team I couldn't give two hoots about. Basketball I especially share this dislike of. And would you know it I'm 5'8'' was asked by my gym teacher a few times if I thought of playing at all, and still have a complete dislike of it!

4. Michael Jackson
Don't get me started... Creeped me out when he was alive, creeps me out even more now.

5. Dogs
Ok, I don't hate dogs per say, but what I do hate is the drool and the clean up in the yard. They're sort of gross.

6. Willy Wonka/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I don't know if anyone loves this movie or the remake, but I happen to strongly dislike both of them. Two things: 1) Oompa Loompas and 2) Johnny Depp.
1) freaks me out in the worst way. Can't stand anything to do with them. My friends know this and we don't speak of them, the movie, or Golden tickets *cringe*
2) he's just super creepy in the remake. I've only watched a little bit of it. The Oompa Loompas aren't as bad because it's just one guy made smaller through the computer, but Depp is unbelievably creepy in it to me.

7) Odd numbered volumes
Whether you're in the car or watching tv, the volume needs to be an even number. It just has to be. I've asked my dad to fix the volume before on the tv. This has also been used against me as a joke. I can't explain it, just trust me.

Help yourself and do your own!! And check out Lauren's Blog here =)