Friday, December 31, 2010

books I've read in 2010

a year has flown by. I have no idea where it went!
I can trace my year in books.

remember way back last year around this time when I set a goal. I decided I wanted to read 25 books before the end of 2010 and hopefully most of those books would be new to me.

I succeeded.

I actually surpassed my goal and read 29 books this year!!

this feels really good to have completely my goal and a little bit more :)

maybe this will be a great lesson for me. I can accomplish anything. if I can imagine myself completing a goal successfully then I shouldn't have a doubt in my mind. I just need to go for it!

I'll be taking this into account while I move into 2011. this year I have surprised myself with how much I've been able to do and learn. there were so many changes in my life just over a year. looking at the years since I entered college I have faced my lowest points and then jumped right up to some of the best points in my life. everything is constantly changing.

and as I've learned in the past, change is good.

I was quite organized when tracking these books. I wrote down the dates I finished reading them so I know in the future how long it's been since the last time I read one of these books (since I love rereading books so much).

but enough of that for now. here are the 29 books I read in 2010!
(the * before the number means it was the first time I read it)

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
by: J.K. Rowling

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
by: J.K. Rowling

*3. Vampire Academy
by: Richelle Mead

*4. Beautiful Creatures
by: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
by: J.K. Rowling

6. The Hunger Games
by: Suzanne Collins

7. Catching Fire
by: Suzanne Collins

*8. City of Bones
by: Cassandra Clare

*9. City of Ashes
by: Cassandra Clare

*10. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
by: Rick Riordan

*11. City of Glass
by: Cassandra Clare

*12. Nightlight
by: Harvard Lampoon Editors

*13. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
by: Stephenie Meyer

*14. Shiver
by: Maggie Stiefvater

*15. Evermore
by: Alyson Noel

*16. Pretty Little Liars
by: Sara Shepard

*17. Sisters Red
by : Jackson Pearce

*18. Linger
by: Maggie Stiefvater

*19. Charlie St. Cloud
by: Ben Sherwood

20. Blue Bloods
by: Melissa de la Cruz

*21. Masquerade
by: Melissa de la Cruz

*22. Mockingjay
by: Suzanne Collins

*23. Clockwork Angel
by: Cassandra Clare

*24. I Am Number Four
by: Pittacus Lore

*25. Beautiful Darkness
by: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

*26. Secret Society Girl
by: Diana Peterfreund

*27. Under the Rose
by: Diana Peterfreund

28. The Host
by: Stephenie Meyer

*29. Witch & Wizard
by: James Patterson

I'm going to do my top five books of 2010 based on this list in the next post.
It was a wonderful year of reading. I'm so excited to continue this tradition in the future :)

Have you read any of these books?
Let me know if you want to discuss or hear my opinion on any of them. I love to share!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been on winter break for a total of 4 days now.

It has been a gloriously relaxing 4 days.

my days have consisted of a lot of nothing.

since I haven't done much so far here's a little recap of finals week:

studying and lots of it.

math tutoring. not as much as I thought there would be.

procrastinating. more than anyone should be during finals week.

late night visits to the library. had to take advantage of the 2am closing time.

bits of stress and complaints about not wanting to study which can be included in the time of procrastinating.

watching the Bruins.

one meeting.

packing and cleaning.

the actual finals themselves.

and a partridge in a pear tree.

it was the fastest, slowest week ever!
that doesn't make much sense, but it's true.

I have 3 weeks of vacation until I move back to school on January 7th for winter orientation. you better believe I'm taking full advantage of this down time :)

there may have been some pictures involved in the process of finals week:

we have a thing for mustaches, but then again who doesn't?

(my awesome roommates Nicole on the left and Morgan on the right)



we were very serious about our studies in the library, really we were (after taking a couple pictures)


in the end we all survived finals week :)


Monday, December 20, 2010


I have a tumblr!

I'm still working on figuring out how to use it to tell you the truth.

I'm not completely sure if I want to use it for any particular reason or just for some randomness that comes to mind.

you're welcome to follow me at


Friday, December 10, 2010

an interlude

The posts have been few and far between for a little while now.

Winter break is coming up very soon so hopefully I'll have some posts to share soon.

That is if I survive finals (please hope I make it through finals).

Christmas is going to be upon us in 2 weeks time and I need to get some Christmas cards out!!

If you're interested email me at:

I'm always around on twitter if anyone wants to say Hi or see what's going on in my life.

but until later, who's excited for Christmas???

Saturday, November 13, 2010

my NACA experience

Remember when I told you I was going to a conference called NACA?

well I went last weekend!

It was a lot of fun and I got a lot out of it :)

hey, instead of me telling you about it all here, since there was so much, why don't you check out the blog we all wrote on?
(i know wordpress. it took some getting used to after using blogger)

and if you want to just read my posts check them out here :)
(but check everyone else's out too in case you have some free time)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Just a thought for this Sunday afternoon.

I don't like to cry very much.

or really at all.

but sometimes it just comes out of nowhere, especially when I'm really tired.

I'm really tired this weekend.

Something that is always enforced, especially when I'm feeling this way, is how much I love my family.

They know how I am and what makes me upset. They also know what happens when I get upset. They really understand.

So I don't like to cry often, but sometimes I just feel it's necessary.

This weekend is one of those times.

All is well in my life.

Everyone is healthy, but sometimes things get thrown at you and you have to roll with the punches.

You have a great experience that brings out so many of the things you love to do. The thought of the future can be daunting and exciting.

I have so many great things going on in my life. I'm blessed to really have all the opportunities and people in it that I do have.

Love is overwhelming and a beautiful thing.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

math mornings.


While I love this subject so much
evidence here:

(at the Museum of Science in Boston from August)
see my excited face?

I don't know why I submit myself to tutoring at 8 in the morning.

the coffee is taking a while to kick in this morning.

Monday, October 25, 2010


There's a feeling a had last night when I was in my room. It was an odd feeling.

It was a feeling of panic, but a good panic?

Any work I had to get done for today was finished. I read for my English class tomorrow. I even started to work on my History study guide for next week.
Heck my agenda is all written out for this week.
That panic feeling I had was one of what else needs to be done? Can this productive me continue?

What has gotten into me?

Now I'm sitting in the PC office working on improving some things and getting caught up on my Marketing work.

I like this. I like this a lot.

I have a few things due within the next week before I go to NACA that I want to get going on before I leave.

This week is going to be a good week. I can feel it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


1. I'm pumped for The Rocky Horror Glee Show on Tuesday!

2. I'm going to be Hermione Granger for Halloween.

3. I'm going to the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Conference in about two weeks. Please read the blog me and my fellow delegates are writing here.

4. I bought a new Owl necklace today. I think I'm obsessed.

5. I carved a little pumpkin that I think was quite fun today. I don't have a picture sadly, but it was cute, #trust.

6. I can't wait to go to New Hampshire for Halloween next weekend. I'm going to my friend's house for a Harry Potter weekend. All 6 HP movies in two days. It's going to be awesome. This may or may not be why I'm going to be Hermione for Halloween :)

7. I hope everyones October is going well. Can't believe November is going to be here in no time


Monday, October 18, 2010

silly rant.

I sit in the lounge thinking and thinking about this silly paper I'm writing for my English class. An english class that will impact my future career little to none. While I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life yet I do know writing papers about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Wanderer will not be of any help in the Mathematics field.

I'm procrastinating.

It's been really bad lately. I honestly thought I was going to get ahead on this paper last night and I sat at my desk on facebook and twitter almost the whole night.

I also haven't blogged in a while.

I've been procrastinating on that too.

I've been busy, but it's the same busy that has always been.
Nothings changed.

I think the stress is putting me in a funk. I hate funks.

I just wanted to get that out there.
Meghan is in a funk and needs tips on procrastination killing techniques.
I need to kick it's butt here.

Thanks for that little rant, now back to my classical music and my paper (which isn't even that long)

silly procrastination.

silly paper.

silly writing requirement.

silly rant.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

why I've been busy

we all know I moved back to school two weeks before classes began, right?


I'm here today to sum up the bulk of what has been going on.

1) I had a little training and worked 2 one day orientations.

2) I worked various activities for Welcome Week. Welcome Week is the week before classes start, or the time from when new students and old move to campus. programs, events, a couple trips, some fun stuff is planned for students to hang out meet new people, get to know the campus, all that fun stuff. It's mostly for the freshmen, but upperclassmen could have attended too.

3) I started classes.
2 classes a day. every day. 5 days a week.
start at either 9:30 or 10:10 and end either 12:15 or 12:05.
not bad but wait.

4) started tutoring Math again.
generally in the mornings at 8. who's smart idea was that?? oh mine...

5) jumped right into my role as Marketing Director of PC by planning out our table for the involvement fair.
I had help, but I was still all over the place having just ended the orientation/welcome week mode.

6) meetings for said marketing position occur monday afternoons, tuesday nights, and wednesday nights on top of working events at other times.

7) arranging a time to swap the car with my brother so I can have it on campus. it's settled and here. then him deciding he might want it back (resolution to this issue still in the works)

8) homework needs to eventually get done (procrastination hits hard here)

9) I like to have some semblance of a social life.
ie. I drove my roommates and me into Boston for collegefest (maybe I'll tell you about that later).

10) and finally trying to not eat a ton of bad food and have balanced meals has been a major fail. but do you blame me?

so I have just been going from one place to another, the last month (no idea how it's been a month already..)

I'm ready to go home this weekend for a little birthday celebration for my mom. I'm tired and have been reliant on coffee (not good).
I'm still optimistic this year is going to be a good one. I'm just trying to get into the swing of things and get a rhythm going.

please love me through it. I need it :/

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dilemma over.

I would just like to inform you, my lovely readers, that there is no longer a "mockingjay dilemma"

thanks to the kindness of one of my Orientation Leader friends who had to take a trip to target for windshield wipers (of all things)...

I have Mockingjay in my possession :)

this greatly thrills me and any time I am not working will be spent reading.

I'm only on ch. 6 as of this moment. I wasn't able to get it until later in the afternoon, plus I had to get up early this morning for the last orientation session of the summer, thus could not read all night.

so now i'm itching to jump on my bed and start going to town on this lovely book that i'm loving so far.

when I finish, I will tweet/email with reactions!

Monday, August 23, 2010

mockingjay dilemma.

Hi friends.

I know it's been a long time again. It happens every once in a while.

so to the reason for this post. well one of the two reasons.

I have a Mockingjay dilemma.

this kind of leads to reason #2 for this post.

I'm back in my dorm and working August Orientation :) the room is huge. I'll post pictures soon.

so I don't have my car because my older brother still has it. I'm working until 5ish tomorrow. I don't know what my mailbox number is.

I can't pick up my copy of Mockingjay tomorrow :(

This makes me so sad.

I'm going out with my friend on friday so I might have to wait until then.
the problem is, I can't freaking wait that long!!

guess I'll just have to wait.

until then...


thank you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

two weeks.

i don't think there's ever been a summer that has flown by as fast as this summer has. I'm moving back to school on the 20th, two weeks from today, and i can't even wait!

i haven't really been doing much during my time off. I've babysat a couple times, tutored a little bit, have been to the movies a few times, hung out with some friends quite a bit, and done a lot of nothing.

i can't wait to be back working the august orientation and welcome week.

i miss having a hectic schedule and meeting all kinds of people.

i miss my red polo :/

i miss living in the dorms.

i miss random dance parties... with other people.

i miss tutoring derivatives.

i miss PC.

i miss being near my college friends.

i even miss going to class.

so in two weeks i'll move into my triple on campus and will be back to the regular routine. while the nice month and a half has been relaxing, i am recharged and ready to go.

for now i'm just counting down the days :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

my summer picks

I've had a lot of free time the last month so I've been reading and listening to music a lot =)

I thought I'd make a list of my summer picks!

Some of the music I've been listening to has been all over the place.

I'm loving Sky Sailing.

If it sounds familiar to you when you listen to it, that's because it's actually the man behind Owl City: Adam Young.
I love the new sound to it but it's actually a collection of songs he worked on before Owl City came to be.
suggested listening: Brielle, A Little Opera Goes A Long Way, Sailboats, Alaska

I'm also loving Lights.

She just released an acoustic-EP that I'm kind of loving! The first songs I heard from her have a very electronic sound to them but I love the acoustic versions now!
suggested acoustic listening: Saviour, River, February Air

I also have a "Summer 2010" playlist that I've been listening to on repeat for the last few weeks and I keep adding to it. Some of these songs include:
Ridin' Solo -Jason Derulo
If We Ever Meet Again (feat. Katy Perry) -Timbaland
Cooler Than Me -Mike Posner
Dynamite -Taio Cruz
I Like It -Enrique Iglesias
Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams) -B.o.B
Billionaire (feat. Bruno Mars) -Travie McCoy
(basically songs that are on the radio, ha)

Yup, I have quite the collection of tunage. Summer puts me in the mood for songs that make me dance :)

My reading selections include:

and Linger

by: Maggie Stiefvater

Sisters Red

by: Jackson Pearce

and I'm reading Charlie St. Cloud right now so we'll see if it's going to be one of my picks!
speaking of I saw this today:

and can I just say
ZEfron won my heart over again :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a blog about that movie. (and what's happening)

I'll say it.

That movie was bomb.

Like totes met my expectations bomb.

If I wasn't Team Edward before,

I am more so now.

Plans are in place to see it 2 more times
(with more probably in my future).

My wallet is not going to like me much.

But I'm on summer vacation,

so it's okay =)

What's your favorite part?

In other news...

I've been MIA for like ever.

So I'm curious...

What are your--


Summer plans?

Current Events?


Share it with me. I've missed my bloggy blog buddies.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my summer so far

a month. one month.

i've been on summer break for a month and what a month it has been.

story time:

I moved out of my dorm room on May 11th. I spent the next few days that week just kind of hanging around, cleaning my room and unpacking some stuff.

I had applied at Barnes and Noble the weekend before because I don't have a job for the summer. well I was sitting in my room that friday the 14th and got a phone call. I didn't recognize the phone number so i thought oh maybe it's B&N. It wasn't, but it was something even better.

I'm not sure if I ever said this on the blog, but I applied to be an Orientation Leader at my college. I didn't end up getting the position, I was an alternate.

Guess what that phone call was...

Yeah I'm an Orientation Leader =D

my supervisor told me a bunch of information about how things were going to end up. they had someone who could no longer take the position and I was the first alternate!
move in for the OLs was that Monday. I had a little less than a week of regular summer vacation.

this past month has been a blur and one of the greatest experiences of my life.

we had training for 2 and a half weeks, a couple days of transfer orientations and we just had our third session of first year students.

there are 3 more sessions left and i have to say i almost wish there was more.

I'm having such an amazing time introducing these students to the ins and outs of a college I love and owe the best days of my life so far to.

there's a lack of sleep, sometimes there are difficult students, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get some of them to talk, and not all schedules work out as nicely as we hope.

I wouldn't trade any of it.

I've gained so much more confidence in my abilities to be a leader and in my confidence in myself. I doubted myself in the beginning and I was very worried about the first session.

If you told any of the students I've worked with so far, I don't know if they'd believe you.

I've made new friends and I've learned a lot about my campus.

we move out on June 24th and I have all of July and most of August as a break until welcome week at the end of August

I don't know what I'm going to do until then.
all I know right now is,

I love my summer job.


Monday, May 10, 2010

a bloggy birthday

I don't know if I believe it or not but...

yesterday was my blogs first birthday

and i didn't even realize it.


It has been a wonderful year and I don't think I could have asked for a better one.

in honor of this occasion I'll do a top 10 happiness-es my blog has brought to me:

1) my blog has given me a place to tell the world how my day was.

2) my blog has been a place for me to tell the message that you make your happiness in life.

3) my blog has been a place for me to be deep when people in my real life probably already heard about it.

4) my blog has been a place to tell everyone I had fun.

5) my blog has been a place where I've made friends in different parts of the US.

6) my blog has let my mom know what i've been up to if i've been too busy to call =)

7) my blog started as a way to vent about college #1

8) my blog has been a way to rave about college #2

9) my blog has been an outlet to learn about new people

10) my blog has been a place for me to be me

I love my blog and my blog buddies. even though i've been unbelievably busy the last month or two and haven't been able to blog very much I'm glad it has been here if I needed it.
Thanks for reading along for the year.

Here's to another fantastic year!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

the post where i plug/apologize/share/nap

it's that time of year again. the end of the semester when papers are due, tests are overloaded and taken, and i fail at blogging.

the semester has picked up right at the end and I've had very little time to do much blogging. I go to class, maybe have some meetings, sleep (including naps even though i said i wasn't a nap person), and plan out the future.

but no future talk today.

today is a quick catch-up day!

first i would like to enter to win a book contest. I've been following an author on twitter for a couple months by the name of Jackson Pearce. while I would love to say I have read her book, I have not unfortunately. I would love to be able to read it along with many others she is giving away in this month's contest (well almost last month since it's april 30th). so help me in saying Hi! and I can't wait to read your book/soon-to-be-books-with-an-S Jackson!

As You Wish and Sisters Red (due out in June 2010)

second i would like to apologize for not reading/commenting on all those blogs i love to read and comment on. please bare with me, i'm almost finished at school.

third i'm excited to say i'm the new Director of Marketing for Program Committee next year! I'm really excited to bring some new ideas into my position and help PC thrive more in the coming semesters =D

and fourth, that's it... for now. i'm about to fall asleep at my laptop. it's been a very busy last couple of weeks!

Have a great weekend!!
=) Meghan

Saturday, April 10, 2010


my birthday was last friday on April 2nd.

I turned the ripe old age of 20.
(I kid it's not old =P )

but I'm no longer a teenager anymore.

did I feel older when I turned 20?
not really.
I actually felt older on my 19th birthday last year.
that was because it was my first year away from home for a birthday. and it was on a thursday so I couldn't go home because I had class.

anyway I kept calling it my birfday. it made me feel younger than I was turning.

I ended up going home for the weekend. it was also Easter weekend so I head home for that too.

I had dinner and cake and ice cream with my parents and younger brother. we hung out and caught up on the last couple weeks since I was home.
then my friend Jac and I went to the local shopping area and she told me that was how I was getting my present. we had a lot of fun =)

my family and friends know me so well based on the gifts they got me.
I got the new moon illustrated movie companion, a new moon edward poster (haha), a cute tank top, percy jackson and the lightning thief book, a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card (that I bought Nightlight and City of Bones with so far) and a lawn chair.

all of those might sound like pretty typical presents until you get to the lawn chair. so story time. a few weeks ago it got really nice outside and i wanted to sit out. I put my facebook status as I wish I had a lawn chair to sit out on on such a nice day. well my mom saw that and decided to get me a lawn chair.

and I love that lawn chair.

it was a great rest of the weekend! saw Remember Me for the second time on Saturday with Jac. she was just as surprised at the ending as I expected. on Sunday, aka Easter, I hung out with my parents and both my brothers (my older brother came home for a show with my little brother the night before) we had Easter supper and then my parents, older bro and I head to school to drop me off at my dorm and him at the train station that goes through campus.

there's only a month left until the end of the semester!
have a fantastic weekend =D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Twilight Saga.
I love the books and movies big time.

Well that Stephenie Meyer is one sly lady!

She wrote an eclipse novella.
Yeah i know what is a novella?

I had no idea so i went to my reliable source (aka google) and found that it basically is a short story, but a little longer.

What is it about you ask?
You know Bree in Eclipse? She's the newborn vampire who's left at the end of the fight between the Cullens & wolves and Victoria's newborn army. She can't control herself and really wants to eat Bella.
Well, Stephenie made a short book about her. it's going to be called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!

Check out the release of the news on her website here.

The book is going to be available FREE online in the beginning of June just before the release of Eclipse movie!
Hard copies of the book are also going to be for sale and a dollar from each one sold is going to go to the Red Cross! How great is that?!

Eclipse is my favorite book in the saga. I can't wait to read this and get a different perspective on the newborn army!!

And because you can never watch it enough times, here's the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse =)

Can't wait!

Now if Stephenie would only finish/release Midnight Sun, that would be fantastic ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remember Me

in my last post, I told you I was going to the movies with my Mom on friday to see Remember Me.
all I have to say is, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. it is a little difficult to explain the movie without giving things away.
just know, it is a story about two people who have had some sucky experiences in their pasts. they have problems in their families and go through some different things together.
but it's more than that.

there is a bigger message to the movie as a whole:
we all have an impact on other people's lives no matter what.

I will warn you though, it is a sad movie, but a good one.

my Mom came with me so I would have someone to go with. she told me she wasn't really interested in seeing it, but afterwards she told me she actually liked it!

that's all i'm going to say about it. I can't go into it further until you've seen it. after you see it and you want to discuss, email me =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

spring break

alas my spring break is coming to a close.

my school likes to have break a week earlier than many of the other colleges around here. i'm not complaining.

it's been a very relaxed, fun, and FAST break! i was quite the busy person this last week and i loved it =)

what have i done you ask?

last saturday i went to the movies with my family. my mom and i finally saw Avatar.
i know, why the heck did it take us so long to see it?? it was amazing!! i was in awe by the end. i loved loved it =D

on monday i had a much needed hang out with my friend Jacleen!
she goes to a different college and commutes from home. when i'm home it's always fun getting together with her. we laugh and chat and usually go out to lunch and sometimes we have deep talks too. monday was much needed!

wednesday my friends Shannon and Terri from school came down to my neck of the woods (literally) to go to the movies and shop! we spent forever in old navy (which by the way, i used to shop at all the time, but had a fall out with. i think i'll be shopping there more often from now on), we ate lunch at Uno's and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D.
i really liked Alice in Wonderland. i think i would actually suggest seeing it in 2D though. while it was cool seeing the effects, it was a little distracting to the overall story, but that's just me.
so we had a good day all together!

today i am going to the movies and maybe some lunch with my Mom. we're going to see Remember Me.
i'll let you know what i think of it ;)

i have a couple more days left with no stress before i head back to school. i always love coming home for a little bit after being at school for a few weeks. i'm actually not coming home again until my birthday (it's only 2 weeks)

in other news did i tell you i set a record?
i stayed at school a whole month before going home for a weekend!
this is a major accomplishment because at college #1 i went home every weekend of the spring semester... can you tell i like college #2 better?


Sunday, February 28, 2010

theme song

the other day my calculus professor randomly asked the class,

"If you walk into a room, what song do you want playing as your theme song?"

my calculus professor is a witty older professor and at 8 o'clock in the morning that certainly got my attention.

so i've been thinking to myself, what is MY theme song?

this morning i had an epiphany when i woke up.
i figured out my song.

it was so simple, i don't know why i didn't think of it before.

Fireflies by Owl City

not only is it my absolute favorite song because it's owl city, but i love the song itself.
my imagination runs free whether i'm awake or dreaming. i think this is the perfect song for me =)
if you haven't seen the music video before, please watch and love it.

what would your theme song be?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

well then

i have to admit, i haven't really felt motivated to blog in the last few weeks.

its not because i feel like blogging is getting old, but i've just been so involved with school and worrying about applications and actually having work and reading to do for classes.

so i want to do an epic post about my trips, yes trips, to Boston in the last week.

i'm not going to promise a specific day, but look out for it =)

i'm also going to try to do more posts (hopefully) for March.
maybe even a count down to my birthday (33 days), we'll see.

i've certainly been busy in the last few weeks. you are more than welcome to watch my tweets (@MEO18) to see what i'm doing/what i've been up to if you aren't already.

so just to let you know, i am here =)


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dear fellow singles,

Happy Single's Awareness Day!!

also known as

Valentine's Day

i hope you don't wallow or put yourself down for being single today.

who says you can't celebrate today?
grab some of your single friends!
go out to eat!
go to a movie!
stay in and eat and watch a movie!

no one says we can't partake in this day some how!

i'm going to Olive Garden with 3 of my friends then we're going to see Valentine's Day.
(ironic i know but we want to see it)

so have a good day!! i'm definitely going to try =)

and i should also say...

Dear non-single friends,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a good day with your significant other =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

positive spin

this week started off at a bad note. i was in a slump.

tuesday turned out to be a great day,

until my dad told me there was a snafu, a little confusion, with my loan for school. it has hence been fixed, but it has still been erking me.

today was eh,

but it got a lot better after i called my parents and talked to my mom for a half hour on the phone (which is a long time seeing as i don't talk on the phone ever).

but since this blog is called OPTIMISTIC i'm being optimistic about this week.

it may have felt like it sucked, but it hasn't.
so i think it's time for a little catch up on what good is going on in Meghan's life.

- i've been given the chance to apply for a scholarship which i'm absolutely going to do. free money is good money my friends.

- i'm going to apply to be an orientation leader at school this summer. i think it would be an excellent experience and i would have a lot of fun!

- i went ice skating on saturday and didn't fall on my butt once =)

-i'm going to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston in a couple weeks!! i've been wanting to go to it forever and finally we're going for my dad's birthday.

-although i am single, i'm celebrating S.A.D.* with my friends on the 14th. we're going out to dinner and then going to see Valentine's Day.

- i'm going to the movies with my friend chelsey on friday.

-there's only 2 more days until the weekend!

not everything is bad. there's always a positive spin on things. you just can't be blinded by the bad times, but keep your eyes open for the good.


*ps S.A.D. - Singles Awareness Day aka Valentine's Day

pps please love the quote Vanessa posted today here.

ppss there's nothing else, i just wanted to put a postpost-scriptscript

Monday, February 1, 2010

socially off...

do you ever have those days where you just want to throw some pjs on and watch movies all day with one other person?

well i'm having one of those kind of days.

it's a weird mood.
i call it a "socially off" kind of day.

my problems are:
1) I would like to hang out with people or be around people.
2) when i am around people I want to be alone.
3) at the same time, I don't want to be around people
4) it's monday

it's a terrible problem that occurs every once in a while.
not all my mondays are like this.

i think my plan of attack for the rest of the day is to:
- go work my 2 hour shift tutoring
- put pjs on afterwards
- eat dinner in tonight
- work on my homework
- find something mindless to watch on tv tonight
- go to bed at a decent time

hopefully this will remedy the situation and my tuesday will turn out to be a better day.
actually i know it will, there's PC tomorrow and i like PC =)

do you ever have one of those socially off days?

and thank you for letting me rant. heart

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

an ode to math

i love math.

my major in college is math.

i work at math services as a math tutor.

i took two math classes my senior year in high school and i've taken 2 math classes a semester so far.

and i'm hoping to take more than 2 in the coming semesters.

so here is...

My Ode to Math

Oh my dear Math, how I love thee so.
You always make my day.
Whether I'm in Calculus or Linear Algebra,
Statistics or Transitions,
You always seem to fascinate me no matter the class.
I may not always understand what I'm trying to learn from you,
But I can figure you out.
I might have to wake up at 7am to go to 8am Calculus this semester.
You know what,
I don't mind.
I've had many different Professors that have taught me your ways.
I've learned about derivatives and integrals,
Sequences and Series.
I know a lot about limits too.
And did you know dear Math,
that I haven't even skimmed the surface?
I have so much more to learn from you
And I'm looking forward to it.
So thank you Math for giving me something I enjoy studying.
Now I must go.
I have Calculus homework I have to do.

i know some people have a hard time with math. i also know not everyone needs to know how to find the slope of a line. trust me, i know.
and who knows what i'm going to do with my degree when i graduate from college, but for now i'm going to work hard and dip my feet into the different math courses that are out there, i'll find something i want to do along the way.

since this week is the first full week of classes and i've been seeing a lot of math lately, i figured i would share. i hope you enjoyed my ode.


Friday, January 22, 2010

vampire diaries recap: Bloodlines

i don't know if you my reader's know this, but i love Vampire Diaries.
i read the first books and let me say, for the record, the show is VERY loosely based on the books.

but i LOVE the show.
i was wicked happy when there was a new episode thursday night.
so i re-watched it yesterday afternoon and decided to write down a couple of things i thought about it.
it's spoilery. if you watched it or don't care what happened, please continue...
if you don't watch it, then oh well, sorry carry on...

i freaked out when i saw the car crash in the last episode. it was crazy and the mystery vamp creeped me out.
but then Damon to the rescue was very sweet and made him seem like he wasn't a monster, which is difficult for Damon.
that is until he kidnapped Elena and brought her to Georgia...

i really think the writers in this show need some new way of saying "I'm fine." i think every episode, at least one person says "I'm fine" when clearly they are not "fine."

i have to point out how happy i am that Jeremy hangs out with someone who isn't Vicky. i hated Vicky. plus i like sober Jeremy better than drunk/high Jeremy.

no #paulwesleyabs. that is all.

way to promote underage drinking CW. she drinks to let go for "5 minutes." cool.

i love how that new vamp guy says "If you want to be with someone forever, you have to live forever." oohh Elenaaa guess what you're going to have to choose some day *in sing-song voice*
[cough, foreshadow, cough]

i'm not asking Grams for help if 2012 comes around. she's "helping her own" first.

nice job in shaking hands with Bree's heart Damon. gross.

so Elena wanted the truth. welp, she certainly got it.
not only did Stefan tell her that he saved her from the car accident and couldn't get to her parents in time (which is so sad by the way), but then he goes and tells her she's adopted!! what?!
did not see that coming. i don't think that was in the books...

and finally, we got a flashback to Damon chomping on Alaric's girl. good stuff.
and what is with Alaric's ring?
my guess is he is not a vampire.
he lost his ring in the car and was looking for it when it was sunny outside so that ruled out him being a vamp for me, but what else could it be for though?

so Stefan loves Elena, Elena loves Stefan, and Damon still loves Katherine who Elena looks like.
i love this show.

watch The Vampire Diaries-Thursdays, 8pm on the CW

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the news for today

today it's raining/flurrying, but i'm okay with that.

it's also election day in Massachusetts for a new senator.
i fail and am registered in the town of college #1.
i wanted to go to the voting booth to vote and they were giving out free t-shirts and rides to the voting booth for the presidential election. it was worth it, but i forgot to reregister at home so i could get an absentee ballot. ugh, fail.

oh well, so is life.

in other news,
i start working at my new math tutoring job tomorrow morning at 8am.
it's also the first day of classes tomorrow.
i'm working 8-10 and have classes 10:10 to 1:35. it's going to be a hectic morning!
but i'm ready for it.
wish me luck

Sunday, January 17, 2010

my room. a vlog

at this moment, i'm trying to get everything together to move back into my dorm.

i said i would show you my room, so here is a vlog showing a little bit of my room =)
(please love my scrubbed out look and the messiness of it all)

Friday, January 15, 2010

what i like...

i like...

eric hutchinson, owl city, and swimming with dolphins

my "cute shoes"

(even though i can't wear them right now)


(this was a couple weeks ago, most is gone =/ )

neutrogena triple moisture daily deep conditioner

(my hair has never felt so amazing!)

my handmade hat

and getting a work study job this semester
tutoring math

... finally =)