Saturday, July 2, 2011

up next in Meghan's life is...

This may be the most random post ever after I have so much to talk about from the past 2 months basically, but I got to thinking after Amanda's post..

It's hard having worked toward this degree, always knowing this was the degree I wanted to pursue, but not knowing where I'm going to go with it once I have it.

Knowing what I want to do after I graduate in a year may not be possible now, but something my mom told me was that you don't have to know what you want to do right away, most people don't know.
It's a tough statement for me to grasp.

You know when you go through elementary school you know you're going to middle school. From middle school you'll be going to big and scary high school. After high school there's always college, the military, or straight into a full time job. For me and my older brother it was always going to be college and for my younger brother it was always going to be the military. After college, what's next?

I could find a job or I could go to grad school for something. What? I have no idea. But grad school. This is where my unknown comes into play.

I've faced this question before. It's always a tough one that is always in the back of my mind.
After I graduate in a year...

What's next?

Fortunately, I have a year to figure it out.

I'm feeling very optimistic and like the sky's the limit after working Orientation for the past 6 weeks.

I hope it stays this way :)