Wednesday, January 27, 2010

an ode to math

i love math.

my major in college is math.

i work at math services as a math tutor.

i took two math classes my senior year in high school and i've taken 2 math classes a semester so far.

and i'm hoping to take more than 2 in the coming semesters.

so here is...

My Ode to Math

Oh my dear Math, how I love thee so.
You always make my day.
Whether I'm in Calculus or Linear Algebra,
Statistics or Transitions,
You always seem to fascinate me no matter the class.
I may not always understand what I'm trying to learn from you,
But I can figure you out.
I might have to wake up at 7am to go to 8am Calculus this semester.
You know what,
I don't mind.
I've had many different Professors that have taught me your ways.
I've learned about derivatives and integrals,
Sequences and Series.
I know a lot about limits too.
And did you know dear Math,
that I haven't even skimmed the surface?
I have so much more to learn from you
And I'm looking forward to it.
So thank you Math for giving me something I enjoy studying.
Now I must go.
I have Calculus homework I have to do.

i know some people have a hard time with math. i also know not everyone needs to know how to find the slope of a line. trust me, i know.
and who knows what i'm going to do with my degree when i graduate from college, but for now i'm going to work hard and dip my feet into the different math courses that are out there, i'll find something i want to do along the way.

since this week is the first full week of classes and i've been seeing a lot of math lately, i figured i would share. i hope you enjoyed my ode.


7 two cents' worth:

amanda leeann said...

i admire you.

i really, really do.

i rejoiced when i realized i survived probability & statistics two semesters ago. *shudder* i try not to remember it.

you're going to make way more money than me. people that are good with numbers win at life. lol.

Elysie Piecie said...

Oh goodness, how I wish I was cool like you and loved math. I like equations and the cool computer games like Math Blaster...but I couldn't do it for a living. Kudos to you.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I am so jealous, for real.

Erica H said...

One of my best friends was a math major, he's in graduate school for something math related now. Math, for me, goes straight over my head and I don't even try to understand it. I hate it just that much. But I fully understand people do like it, just like some people hate to read- I love it! To each his own. =D Enjoy your time with math!

Meredith said...

That's my girl! Yesterday, the neighbors you babysat for before going back to school came selling girl scout cookies. So we were talking about you and school, etc, and M asked "What kind of geek is Meghan?" I didn't know how to answer-I didn't know there were different kinds. In my hesitance to answer M didn't miss a beat and said "Is she a math geek?" "Yes" I said, "she is." So there you go!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

More power to you! Someone's has to love it and I'm glad you do! I have a respect for math (well hi, Vito's a math major too so I hear about it constantly!)

I sent it to Vito and he said "That about covers it!"

Keep up the amazing work girlie!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

P.S. thanks for posting my button!!! 8)