Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a blog about that movie. (and what's happening)

I'll say it.

That movie was bomb.

Like totes met my expectations bomb.

If I wasn't Team Edward before,

I am more so now.

Plans are in place to see it 2 more times
(with more probably in my future).

My wallet is not going to like me much.

But I'm on summer vacation,

so it's okay =)

What's your favorite part?

In other news...

I've been MIA for like ever.

So I'm curious...

What are your--


Summer plans?

Current Events?


Share it with me. I've missed my bloggy blog buddies.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my summer so far

a month. one month.

i've been on summer break for a month and what a month it has been.

story time:

I moved out of my dorm room on May 11th. I spent the next few days that week just kind of hanging around, cleaning my room and unpacking some stuff.

I had applied at Barnes and Noble the weekend before because I don't have a job for the summer. well I was sitting in my room that friday the 14th and got a phone call. I didn't recognize the phone number so i thought oh maybe it's B&N. It wasn't, but it was something even better.

I'm not sure if I ever said this on the blog, but I applied to be an Orientation Leader at my college. I didn't end up getting the position, I was an alternate.

Guess what that phone call was...

Yeah I'm an Orientation Leader =D

my supervisor told me a bunch of information about how things were going to end up. they had someone who could no longer take the position and I was the first alternate!
move in for the OLs was that Monday. I had a little less than a week of regular summer vacation.

this past month has been a blur and one of the greatest experiences of my life.

we had training for 2 and a half weeks, a couple days of transfer orientations and we just had our third session of first year students.

there are 3 more sessions left and i have to say i almost wish there was more.

I'm having such an amazing time introducing these students to the ins and outs of a college I love and owe the best days of my life so far to.

there's a lack of sleep, sometimes there are difficult students, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get some of them to talk, and not all schedules work out as nicely as we hope.

I wouldn't trade any of it.

I've gained so much more confidence in my abilities to be a leader and in my confidence in myself. I doubted myself in the beginning and I was very worried about the first session.

If you told any of the students I've worked with so far, I don't know if they'd believe you.

I've made new friends and I've learned a lot about my campus.

we move out on June 24th and I have all of July and most of August as a break until welcome week at the end of August

I don't know what I'm going to do until then.
all I know right now is,

I love my summer job.