Monday, August 31, 2009

i'm in!

I'M IN!!

I have officially moved into the new college. It honestly feels like a few weeks ago I was writing my first post on here. It was the end of last semester, like 3 and a half months ago. Oh my how time flies when you're having fun!

Let's talk about how great this college is...

No better, let's talk about how great this college is compared to the last college!

1) The dorm room- Umm they don't compare.
I'm not sweating my butt off just sitting at my desk.
My feet aren't touching some sicknast carpet that who knows when the last time it was cleaned, let alone vacuumed.
The furniture is BRAND NEW. Legit, I'm the first person to use it new.
I'm on the first freaking floor! Not the more-of-a-fourth-floor third floor.
2) My friends are here.
A ten minute walk away, not a big deal at all.
Plus they have a pretty sweet suite, we've been chilling in there a lot.
3) The classrooms
Okay, so classes don't start until Wednesday, but I can guarantee they don't look like a cement prison cell.
4) The campus looks beautiful (not to mention looks like a college campus)
Green grass and flowers = beautiful
Sort of greenish grass and weird plants = not beautiful
5) I'm happy
Which is pretty nice =)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

back to school

It is that time of year again. I'm packing my life away to move back into a dorm with someone new. I have my notebooks and pens, folders and backpack. Slowly it's all coming together again.

I'm hoping being a sophomore will be ten times better than being a freshmen. Although I'm going to a new school with a different campus and I'm going to be near my close friends, I'm still a little nervous. But, I've learned a lot over the past year. I know what I personally can accomplish and how to deal with different situations.

I'm ready.
I'm still pumped =)
Bridgewater here I come!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm pretty pumped.

Want to know why?

Well there's a few things.

First, I'm having a few good friends over Saturday night. It's a cookout, swim, sleep in the camper kind of hang out. Can't wait!

Second, I'm reading some awesome books right now. And I'm pretty pumped over the fact that I'm into reading lately. I feel like it's soo much better than watching tv.

Third, I move into school in 10 days!! Yes I'm one of those people who like school. Well, it's mostly the fact that I'm going to a different school. I. Can. Not. Wait.

Those are the main reasons why I'm pumped.

Especially the last part about school.
I can't wait to think!


P.S. Roommate, If you're out there HOLLER at me =)

Monday, August 3, 2009

books i've been reading

I've been into reading lately. Sometimes I get that way towards the end of the summer. I'll be working or will have plans with friends but need something to do to fill my time. I could go on the computer or watch Gilmore Girls (I have all 7 seasons), but if I have a good book, then I'd much rather sit and read.

I was reading and rereading the Twilight Saga A LOT at the beginning of the year. I decided it was time I change things up. So I did =)
Well, I changed books.
I'm still reading about Vampires ;)

I've been watching True Blood on HBO. I found out it was based on a series of books, The Sookie Stackhouse series. I decided to change things up and read that (plus I finished the 7th Season of Gilmore Girls a couple months ago). The first book is called Dead Until Dark. I thought it was pretty good. The tv show stays to the books for the most part. There are a few characters that the show expands on more and there's a lot more nudity in the show than in the book, but I liked it. I'm going to try and read the other books at some point, whenever I can buy the other 8 in the series.

Another series I've started reading, all thanks to my friend Ashley, is the House of Night novels. I'm into series of books for some reason. I think it's the anticipation of there being another part to the story that is fun to read about.
The first is called Marked, but I'm on the second which is entitled Betrayed. It's a different type of vampire story much like Twilight. The vampires (spelled vampyres) in the House of Night don't explode in sunlight, don't have fangs, and don't have to be bitten to be turned into a vampyre. They are chosen and literally marked as a vampyre. It's set in a modern society where vampyres have just always existed. The young fledgling vampyres are suppose to have crescent shaped tattoos on their forehead. They either make the change into an adult vampyre or they die. If they turn into adults, their mark will turn into a more intricate tattoo framing their face. This series is in the point of view of a fledging vampyre named Zoey Redbird. She has a special power and is unlike the other fledglings.
I liked the first book and I'm enjoying reading the second book. There are 5 books to this series as of right now and I've been told there's a possibility of more.

So that is what I'm reading right now. I have another book in the line-up. It's called Blue Bloods. We'll see if I'm able to read it before I head back to school in 26 days =O


Dead Until Dark
By: Charlaine Harris

Photobucket Photobucket

Marked & Betrayed
By: P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast


Blue Bloods
By: Melissa De La Cruz