Sunday, February 28, 2010

theme song

the other day my calculus professor randomly asked the class,

"If you walk into a room, what song do you want playing as your theme song?"

my calculus professor is a witty older professor and at 8 o'clock in the morning that certainly got my attention.

so i've been thinking to myself, what is MY theme song?

this morning i had an epiphany when i woke up.
i figured out my song.

it was so simple, i don't know why i didn't think of it before.

Fireflies by Owl City

not only is it my absolute favorite song because it's owl city, but i love the song itself.
my imagination runs free whether i'm awake or dreaming. i think this is the perfect song for me =)
if you haven't seen the music video before, please watch and love it.

what would your theme song be?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

well then

i have to admit, i haven't really felt motivated to blog in the last few weeks.

its not because i feel like blogging is getting old, but i've just been so involved with school and worrying about applications and actually having work and reading to do for classes.

so i want to do an epic post about my trips, yes trips, to Boston in the last week.

i'm not going to promise a specific day, but look out for it =)

i'm also going to try to do more posts (hopefully) for March.
maybe even a count down to my birthday (33 days), we'll see.

i've certainly been busy in the last few weeks. you are more than welcome to watch my tweets (@MEO18) to see what i'm doing/what i've been up to if you aren't already.

so just to let you know, i am here =)


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dear fellow singles,

Happy Single's Awareness Day!!

also known as

Valentine's Day

i hope you don't wallow or put yourself down for being single today.

who says you can't celebrate today?
grab some of your single friends!
go out to eat!
go to a movie!
stay in and eat and watch a movie!

no one says we can't partake in this day some how!

i'm going to Olive Garden with 3 of my friends then we're going to see Valentine's Day.
(ironic i know but we want to see it)

so have a good day!! i'm definitely going to try =)

and i should also say...

Dear non-single friends,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a good day with your significant other =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

positive spin

this week started off at a bad note. i was in a slump.

tuesday turned out to be a great day,

until my dad told me there was a snafu, a little confusion, with my loan for school. it has hence been fixed, but it has still been erking me.

today was eh,

but it got a lot better after i called my parents and talked to my mom for a half hour on the phone (which is a long time seeing as i don't talk on the phone ever).

but since this blog is called OPTIMISTIC i'm being optimistic about this week.

it may have felt like it sucked, but it hasn't.
so i think it's time for a little catch up on what good is going on in Meghan's life.

- i've been given the chance to apply for a scholarship which i'm absolutely going to do. free money is good money my friends.

- i'm going to apply to be an orientation leader at school this summer. i think it would be an excellent experience and i would have a lot of fun!

- i went ice skating on saturday and didn't fall on my butt once =)

-i'm going to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston in a couple weeks!! i've been wanting to go to it forever and finally we're going for my dad's birthday.

-although i am single, i'm celebrating S.A.D.* with my friends on the 14th. we're going out to dinner and then going to see Valentine's Day.

- i'm going to the movies with my friend chelsey on friday.

-there's only 2 more days until the weekend!

not everything is bad. there's always a positive spin on things. you just can't be blinded by the bad times, but keep your eyes open for the good.


*ps S.A.D. - Singles Awareness Day aka Valentine's Day

pps please love the quote Vanessa posted today here.

ppss there's nothing else, i just wanted to put a postpost-scriptscript

Monday, February 1, 2010

socially off...

do you ever have those days where you just want to throw some pjs on and watch movies all day with one other person?

well i'm having one of those kind of days.

it's a weird mood.
i call it a "socially off" kind of day.

my problems are:
1) I would like to hang out with people or be around people.
2) when i am around people I want to be alone.
3) at the same time, I don't want to be around people
4) it's monday

it's a terrible problem that occurs every once in a while.
not all my mondays are like this.

i think my plan of attack for the rest of the day is to:
- go work my 2 hour shift tutoring
- put pjs on afterwards
- eat dinner in tonight
- work on my homework
- find something mindless to watch on tv tonight
- go to bed at a decent time

hopefully this will remedy the situation and my tuesday will turn out to be a better day.
actually i know it will, there's PC tomorrow and i like PC =)

do you ever have one of those socially off days?

and thank you for letting me rant. heart