Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dilemma over.

I would just like to inform you, my lovely readers, that there is no longer a "mockingjay dilemma"

thanks to the kindness of one of my Orientation Leader friends who had to take a trip to target for windshield wipers (of all things)...

I have Mockingjay in my possession :)

this greatly thrills me and any time I am not working will be spent reading.

I'm only on ch. 6 as of this moment. I wasn't able to get it until later in the afternoon, plus I had to get up early this morning for the last orientation session of the summer, thus could not read all night.

so now i'm itching to jump on my bed and start going to town on this lovely book that i'm loving so far.

when I finish, I will tweet/email with reactions!

Monday, August 23, 2010

mockingjay dilemma.

Hi friends.

I know it's been a long time again. It happens every once in a while.

so to the reason for this post. well one of the two reasons.

I have a Mockingjay dilemma.

this kind of leads to reason #2 for this post.

I'm back in my dorm and working August Orientation :) the room is huge. I'll post pictures soon.

so I don't have my car because my older brother still has it. I'm working until 5ish tomorrow. I don't know what my mailbox number is.

I can't pick up my copy of Mockingjay tomorrow :(

This makes me so sad.

I'm going out with my friend on friday so I might have to wait until then.
the problem is, I can't freaking wait that long!!

guess I'll just have to wait.

until then...


thank you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

two weeks.

i don't think there's ever been a summer that has flown by as fast as this summer has. I'm moving back to school on the 20th, two weeks from today, and i can't even wait!

i haven't really been doing much during my time off. I've babysat a couple times, tutored a little bit, have been to the movies a few times, hung out with some friends quite a bit, and done a lot of nothing.

i can't wait to be back working the august orientation and welcome week.

i miss having a hectic schedule and meeting all kinds of people.

i miss my red polo :/

i miss living in the dorms.

i miss random dance parties... with other people.

i miss tutoring derivatives.

i miss PC.

i miss being near my college friends.

i even miss going to class.

so in two weeks i'll move into my triple on campus and will be back to the regular routine. while the nice month and a half has been relaxing, i am recharged and ready to go.

for now i'm just counting down the days :)