Thursday, December 31, 2009

the decade and a happy new year(s eve)

i have a terrible memory.

that's just how it is.
i can't remember what was going on in my life when i was 10 in 2000.

it's only in the more recent years (2007-now) that i have more vivid memories.

that's probably because that's when i actually started doing things and hanging out with friends who actually had fun.
the memories i've made with them have been worth remembering.

some of the things i do remember:
2000- I turned 10 and thought it was so cool being an age in the double digits
-went to Disney World for the first time!

2001- we moved to my "new" house (aka my current house)

2002- can't remember much

2003- was officially a teenager (seemed cool at the time)

2004- i think this was the year i went to chicago on my first band trip, but i wasn't twirling baton in the band yet, i was in national line and held a flag...

2005- went to Disney World for the second time

2006- turned 16 and got my permit
- went to Virginia Beach on a band trip
-stopped playing soccer
-started hanging out with my good group of friends

was a junior in high school
got my license
turned 17
went to my first prom
started working at the farm
had one of the best summers of my life
started my senior year of high school
finally made national honor society

applied to college
was accepted to the 3 colleges i applied to
turned 18
went to Disney World with my best friends on our senior class trip
graduated from high school
had another awesome summer
started college at college #1
experienced aspects of college i did not want to
lost my grandmother and went to florida to say good-bye

had a minor winter break, breakdown
learned a lot about myself
applied and was accepted to college #2
turned 19
finished my semester at college #1 with good grades
started this blog
had one of the fastest summers of my life
started at college #2 where i've met so many great people
really found the school where i'm happiest
met many awesome blog friends

that's been my decade at a quick glance or at least what i can remember.

i'm definitely looking forward to the many other experiences that will come with this new decade and next part of my life.

Happy 2010!!
have fun tonight and stay safe =)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

i made a vlog?!?

I have attempted to make a video blog (or vlog if you will)...

Please watch and let me know what you think. I'm DEFINITELY new to the whole video editing thing and talking to a camera thing.

Should I make more? Would putting them on my youtube channel be a good idea??

christmas gifts!

I had such a great Christmas this year!
It was nice just hanging out with my family.

I'm soo happy with what Santa brought me ;)

The contents of my stocking: I've been listening to Glee pretty much all the time and I'm in love with the bow headband and flannel pj pants! Plus I can't wait to go buy a couple new books at Barnes and Noble.

Gift card to my absolute favorite clothing store

Dorm Life semester 1 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
(If you haven't seen Dorm Life it's great)

A Vera Bradley wristlet in Cupcake Pink!!

And my big present...

A Flip Video Camera!!
It has room to take 2 hours of video! I'm still getting the hang of it and whenever I tried filming my family on Christmas, everyone would get camera shy, so it's going to take some getting used to, but I love it =)

Thank You Santa!!

I also wanted to show the lovely Christmas cards I got from my grandfather, my aunt, Amanda, Elyse, Vanessa, and Sara-Jane.
Thanks again ladies!! The cards are hanging on my wall =)

How was everyone's Christmas? What did Santa bring you??


Friday, December 25, 2009

"the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope Santa has given you what you asked for,

you eat until you can't eat anymore,

you sing to spread Christmas cheer,

and that you have a wonderful day with family and friends


Thursday, December 24, 2009

"i like to smile, smiling's my favorite"

The other night, my friend Shelley and I were bored so we decided to make peanut butter blossom cookies!

I don't usually make Christmas cookies. We have TONS of dessert at Christmas dinner instead.

For the recipe, we just used one from the hershey's website.

mixing the dough all up, mmm...

3 trays of them

I could have eaten the kisses alone

They were delicious and we had fun just hanging out =)

It's Christmas Eve!! I'm just hanging out with my family tonight and we're going to have Chinese food and make some apple pie for tomorrow.

I'm like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. Just a few years ago I would wake up at sunrise because I was soo excited to open presents. I still wake up earlier than some of my family members, but I'm getting better at waiting. I can't wait until tomorrow morning!! I love Christmas =D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

twitterering addict

I'm not sure if this is something to worry about or something to celebrate, but...

I just tweeted my 1,000 tweet.

Is it exciting?

Prolly not.

Does it say very much?

Not really.

Am I mad I tweeted 1,000 times?

Nope. I love twitter.

Am I addicted to twitter?

Yes I would say I go on it a little more than I should.

What was that tweet?

"2 days until Christmas =D I'm soo excited!! I just need to get my presents all wrapped =) (ps 1000 tweet right here!!)"

Yup that was it. Couldn't think of anything else.


Monday, December 14, 2009

different things catch my eye

Here's part 3 in my picture series!

I think this is the last of them. I have hundreds of pictures. If I find any more in my arsenal, they will totes be coming up =)

I just think this one looks really cool.

Some of the books I have sitting on my desk =) I'm in need of some more!

My little fall scarecrow looking out the window.

Beautiful flowers that grew in my yard this summer

The frog is kind of gross, but I have a soft spot for Lilies =)

Walking out the door of my dorm.

The first real, real snow fall of the season! This was before the rain washed it all away.

I'm glad I did this. I feel like I don't put nearly enough pictures on this blog! Hopefully I'll be able to put more on in the future =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

sometimes I like taking pictures

Here's part 2 of my little picture series.

This picture was taken when I went to an apple orchard with my parents to get these delicious apple dumplings this fall. It's not the actually orchard but this was when we were driving there.

The rest of the pics are from over the summer when I went camping with my parents. It was too cold to go swimming, but it was beautiful sitting on the beach.
(this was on the campsite, woops)

I have more "artsy" pictures for the next part =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I've been cleaning out my pictures on my phone and on my computer.

I decided I would make a little series out of them.

Today we start with pictures of my cat, Edd and these are just the ones on my phone =)

He is all grey. When we got him the lady called him submarine grey.

He's an indoor cat (which makes me unbelievably happy!)

He sometimes doesn't like me very much, but really he does ;)

He's a chicken. Honestly the definition of scaredy cat.

He likes to fight, but in a playful sort of way.

It only looks like he's trying to eat Jerry the hamster. Jerry can hold his own. He bit Edd on the nose once, haha.

I call him my bud. Not sure why but he's great. I love my bud =D

I actually have 8 more pictures on my camera of him. We had a photo shoot the last time I was home (he was a total diva). Honestly the most photographed cat ever!

Friday, December 4, 2009

because it's almost christmas...

and because I caved and think it's going to be fun, I'm sending out Christmas cards!!

so my blogging friends, email your address to meghano19 [at] gmail [dot] com

I wasn't going to, but I feel like it's something I want to do this year =)

plus, who doesn't LOVE to get mail???


ps I totes promise to respect your address =)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Remember when I said November was going to be a fantastic month and so much better than last November?

Well it certainly was pretty dang great!!

I did fun things

I saw family who live far away

I had an all around good month!

I can not believe it is already freaking December!!

It doesn't feel like it today (especially with the 67 degree temperature outside!) You have to remember this is New England people. We have freezing cold temperatures one day, but the next day we'll be in t-shirts. Fact of life with living in New England ;)

I'm very excited for December. I LOVE Christmas! It's my absolute favorite holiday ever <3

There's only 5 days of classes left before finals start. I'm hoping they won't be too difficult, but we'll see how that goes...

My dorm room is semi decorated for Christmas and there isn't many days left until break =)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving... Yesterday!!!

Only a day late, right?

It was a crazy busy day too. I didn't get a chance to make a post!

I spent the day with my parents, brothers, a cousin from my dad's side, and much of my mom's family!

We had so much fun and ate SOO much food. I'm unbelievably full. I'm pretty sure between yesterday and part two with the leftovers today, I'm not going to be hungry for another 3 days.

My aunt and two cousins from New Jersey and my cousin from the Coast Guard Academy are all staying at our house for the weekend. On top of my brother and me home from school, our house is packed! It's been a ton of fun so far =)

I also went to see New Moon for the third time yesterday. I went with my two cousins. It was still excellent the third time!

I didn't participate in black friday today. I had nothing I needed to buy at the moment. I still think it was too early to start Christmas yesterday and I saw Christmas lights up last night. I understand if people want to play music now that's fine, but I think I'm going to wait until Tuesday =)

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your stomachs are full and that tryptophan treated you well =D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

what i think

I think it's pretty obvious I went to see New Moon at midnight the other night. I only slept 5 hours but it was totes worth it (plus I caught up by sleeping 13 hours last night).

I thought it was 10x better than Twilight. I would say it was 1349013x better, but we're saying realistic numbers here. I was really happy with it.

My favvy fav parts were (*spoilerish*):

1. The ending. Absolutely perfect! Couldn't have been a better set up.

2. The Volturi. They were bombdotcom. Aro was creepy. Like super creepy, my skin was crawling when he talked. Plus the throwing around of Edward wasn't in the book, but it fit in there seamlessly.

3. When Edward finds out through Jacob that Charlie is arranging the funeral. I loved seeing him crushing the phone. It was the only way you could truly see how devastated he was when he thought Bella had died.

4. Charlie. He was just a scene stealer. He was such an awkward dad, he rocked!

5. The months. I had no idea what they were going to do to show Bella's catatonic state during those blank pages that break my heart every time I reread New Moon, but they pulled it off!!

Those are just a few of my favorite parts, there were many more. I'm Team Edward all the way. I didn't debate changing teams when I saw Jacob take his shirt off (many times) or when Jacob and Bella almost kissed. I couldn't wait to see Edward again. I'm going to see New Moon again tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait =D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

tag! you're it

I've never been tagged before let alone awarded a blog award and I'm quite happy about it! Thank You Vanessa!!

She combined the two awards into one, so I guess I'll just do the same =)

Photobucket + Photobucket

The rules for Kreativ blogger are:
1) List 7 things about myself that others may not know
2) Award 7 people with the award
And the Honest Scrap Award:
1) divulge 10 honest things about yourself
2) Pass the award onto 7 bloggers who you believe will be 100% truthful

Now me =)

1. I've lived in my hometown for almost 15 years. I moved here when I was 5 years old and can still sort of remember my last day at my school. It was Halloween and I was in Kindergarten.

2. I always had a hard time making friends when I was younger. I got better at it as I got older (specifically sophomore year in high school).

3. I have never dyed my hair, until this weekend. And I LOVE it =)

4. I've never been on a date/had a boyfriend. I wish that would change...

5. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie.

6. All my money goes towards movies, music, and candy.

7. I procrastinate so bad. I usually wait until the very last minute to do papers or projects. I hate it, but still do it anyway.

8. I love to laugh. If you can make me laugh, we can get along very well. I think laughter and happiness are something you can absolutely create in your life. It's the best help when things aren't the best for you at the time. I strive to stay happy every day. And sort of to go along with that, I hate crying in front of people. I hate crying period and that has been quite the problem in the past...

9. I watch Disney Channel all the time. I usually watch it when no one else is around though =)

10. I would love to study abroad in England. I think that would be the most amazing experience ever! Plus I love British accents ;)

Now I tag:

Friday, November 13, 2009

here it is

Kellan Lutz is gorgeous. That is all.

Here's the story.

I went to the mall with Chelsea and Sydney (my sleeping on the mall floor buddies) and Sydney's friends Brianna and Jillian. We got to the mall around 4pm. The autograph signing was set to start at 5:45. When we got to the mall there were already over 200 people. We asked what time the line started forming. The Hot Topic person said they started seeing people at around 2:30!

We had to wait outside for an hour in the cold. The mall would only let 220 people stand in line inside the mall. Here's Sydney, Chelsea, and me (the other girls didn't have bracelets for the signing so they waited inside).


The signing started and we made our way inside. There were so many news reporters there covering the story. My parents saw me on the news =)


We couldn't take pictures with him or of him, couldn't have him sign anything personal, and he couldn't personalize anything. Sorry I can't show a pic wicked close up =/
He was soo sweet to this little girl a couple of people in front of me. She was very shy when she was at the table. Kellan asked her a question and she didn't hear him or was really nervous he was actually talking to her so she started walking away. He said, "I'm not letting you go that easily" and she turned around. He gave her a high five, it was so nice!!

I couldn't think of anything to say to him so I just said hi and thank you. When he looked at me, oh my gosh... Yup I was star struck, haha!

After we said hi and got our posters we went and put them in the car so we wouldn't bend and ruin them, we went over to the stage. There were a lot of people there but we got a pretty good standing spot on the side about 3 or 4 people deep. We didn't have to wait very long before the band Hurricane Bells performed. They sing the song "Monster" on the New Moon soundtrack.


They sang 4 songs. They were pretty good, not really my kind of music but they put on a good performance.
We had to wait half an hour for Kellan to come out. In the meantime, a radio dj was doing some trivia and giving out prizes. So the time finally came for Kellan to come out!!
(warning: turn your volume down)

He has a picture of Ashley Greene because she was suppose to come to our stop on the tour, but something came up (she had filming for Eclipse to do) and she couldn't come. I thought it was so cute. When he came in, we were literally forced forward by the crowd. It was very close quarters to say the least.

Here he is!


It's a good thing I'm tall.




He talked about how Eclipse is going to be "dark and edgy" and how he loved doing the fight sequences and stunts!!
He said his favorite part of playing Emmett is being able to make fun of Bella. He said he would make Kristen Stewart laugh during their scenes!!
His favorite book in the series is Eclipse (which is mine too!!)
He says he loves going to fan events like the one last night instead of the "boring" press tours, haha =)

It was only a half hour long, but it was so much fun! It was totally worth sleeping on the floor! I can't wait for New Moon to open in a week =D I have my ticket for the midnight show (technically the 12:10 show because the 12:01 and 12:05 were sold out!!) I. can. not. wait!!!

Here's the poster with his signature:


I have a few more pictures of him and video. Let me know if you guys want to see more =)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

guess what

Guess what I'm doing on thursday!

I'm going to the mall.

No I'm not going to start my Christmas shopping.

No I'm not going to treat myself to a new outfit.

No I'm not going to window shop.

I'm going to meet this person:


Yup, Kellan Lutz who plays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies =)

I'm kind of pumped. I get to get his autograph and attend a q & a. It's going to be awesome for realz. I'll have pictures and hopefully some video later!!

There's just one thing...

What do I say to him? =)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

here's to happiness

In this post I said this November was going to be better than November last year. Let me tell you a little story.

My mom’s side of the family was always very close when I was younger. My mom has two brothers and two sisters. I can remember going to visit my grandparents at their house a half hour away from my house all the time on the weekends. We would have family parties with all my aunts, uncles (including my great aunt and uncle), and cousins all the time. Thanksgiving and Christmas were the greatest holidays! I loved hanging out with everyone.

We were all growing up. My grandparents and great aunt and uncle ended up moving to Florida in retirement. My aunt, uncle and cousins were always moving because my uncle is in the Coast Guard. My uncle, aunt and cousin moved to Florida for job opportunities. I still have family that live around me in MA and RI, but the rest of the family is all spread out now.

Now my grandmother had been sick all my life. She had emphysema and other breathing problems. That’s another reason why they had moved down to Florida, to help her breathe more easily. No matter how sick she got, she never complained. She had her good days and bad days, but she NEVER complained. Well, a year ago tomorrow she passed away.

That day was probably the saddest day of my life. I accidentally found out and was devastated. I knew my mom had flown down to Florida the day before but I didn’t know she was so sick. I found out on a Thursday night in the midst of studying for 3 different tests the next day. Let’s just say the studying went out the window.

So my dad picked me up the next day and we went to Boston and picked up my older brother. We ended up flying to Florida on Sunday for her funeral and to be with everyone else.

Something you need to know about my family is we don’t doom and gloom when someone passes away. We didn’t focus on her death, we focused on her life. We celebrated her life while we were in Florida. We were ALL together again and said our goodbyes to the strongest person I’ve ever met. I miss my grandmother every day.

I know this November is going to be better than last November because I’m not struck with the loss of my grandmother. I know she’s breathing easier in heaven and watching over me every day. I wish I could tell her how much happier I am where I am today than from last year. I think she’s definitely playing a part in that. =)

I love you Gramma and miss you every day! Love Meg

Monday, November 2, 2009

new music

I kind of really like music. I love walking to class with my earbuds in listening to my newest music. I love getting a new song I've fallen in love with and playing it on repeat 10 times before I figure I should move onto the next one before I start to get sick of it. I love loading my ipod touch with my new songs. I love sharing new songs with friends.

I'm not super picky. I enjoy mostly top 40/pop music. I like really upbeat music that I can sing my heart out to. I wish I could show you my itunes music library. That would definitely give you a better idea of my music preferences.

I LOVE singing in the car, in my dorm room, my bedroom at home, even though I'm kind of a terrible singer. I always wished I had an amazing voice and people wanted me to sing. I got over that fast, but will still sing if I love the song. I'll even break out in song sometimes if I have a song stuck in my head.

I say all this because I'm listening to some new songs right now. It just inspired me to write a blog post about how much I love listening to music.

I know my preferences change depending on what kind of mood I'm in or what's going on right now in my life. Pretty sure everyone is like that in one way or another.

I'm listening to Demi Lovato's latest CD at the moment. I have been listening to the New Moon soundtrack, "Just Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble, some songs from Glee, and I'm always listening to Owl City.

What are you listening to now?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

welcome november!!

Happy November 1st!!

I failed and forgot to do a blog to say Happy Halloween, so...


Let me explain to you the craziest, weirdest Halloween I've had in years or maybe ever.

I said earlier in October that I was going to a Haunted House and that I would be working this Haunted House on Halloween. Well I did! But let's start back to Friday first.

I went to my 8am class, the only class I have on Fridays. It turns out there was less than half the class there, so my professor cancelled class.
After having no class, I went to breakfast with my friends like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I worked the table for caricatures for Homecoming and PC. I hung out in my room, took a quick nap, and went to float building for the homecoming parade at 8. Afterwards I went and hung out with some cool people watching them play old school Super Mario on the original Nintendo. Pretty normal friday night.

Here's where the start of my Halloween began. My friend Chelsea came by and picked me up at 11:30 pm. We drove to the Mall an hour away. Then we camped out on the floor until 8 am.
Now, why the heck was I camping out on the floor? To buy my t-shirt and receive my wristband to meet Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz who play Alice and Emmett Cullen from the Twilight movies =D
Hot Topic was selling 500 limited edition The Twilight Saga: New Moon t-shirts. The wristband came with it and gives us the chance to meet these actors and get their autographs!! And I got mine!!! So here's to November 12th when they'll be at the mall!!! I'm so excited and can not wait =D

Since I basically slept on the floor of the mall friday night, I slept from 10-3. A nice 5 hour nap. I had to get up and get ready to go to Barrett's Haunted House at 4:30.
We got there and were brought into the House for a tour. Everything was running, but since we were the characters in it, there were no people to jump out at you. When I went a couple weeks ago, it was really scary, especially when the people jump out at you. This time going through it was STILL scary. The place is just eerie and gross. I kind of chickened out and was going to be the trailer watcher, all by myself sitting in the trailer watching everyone's things. I was alright with it. But the guy who runs the house asked if I wanted to be a scraper. I was very apprehensive and wanted to say no. But he assured me all I would be doing is sitting on a stool running a metal wand against a grate and operating an air cannon. I accepted, it sounded easy enough. It was easy. The scraper made sparks and the air cannon was perfect for scaring people. The only downside. I had to sit in this little closet thing in the PITCH DARK all by myself. I was a little nervous, but by the end I was so tired I just went with it.
I scared so many people! Sparks in a completely dark room is really scary. Add the air cannon when they least expected it and they went running into the next room!!

I know this November is going to be a better November than last year was. Of course I'll explain all that later.

Happy November Everyone! Enjoy the weather and start fasting for Thanksgiving =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

getting involved on campus

I'm not going to lie, my courses this semester are not much of a challenge for me. Most people would be like,
"Yes, easy course load!"

but I'm more of a,
"Oh geez this is ridiculous, give me a little more challenge, please."

The other thing is, I'm unemployed. So, this means I have a LOT of free time.

Not a lot of homework + lots of free time = so much free time, Meghan doesn't know what to do with herself.

Story time. When I was at the other college last year, I was in a group called CAB (Campus Activities Board) for a semester. Only one semester because by the time second semester came around I was bent on being out of there asap. When I was in it, it was fun. The meetings were super quick and I didn't really feel like I was a huge part of the group.

Jump to the new school and right now. They have a club that is much like CAB except they are known as PC (Program Committee).
I heart PC
The members are sooo nice. I actually feel like I am a part of a group. The meetings are about an hour long. Everyone who is there enjoys being there and helping out and planning events. All members are required to do office hours whereas in CAB only executive board members had to do office hours. I think that has made a big difference between the members of the two clubs attitudes about them. I feel like PC is taken more seriously, which I as a member really appreciate.

This is what I've been using to fill that so much free time, Meghan doesn't know what to do with herself time. And I'm happy doing it, which is the most important part =D

In other news, I'm going to a Haunted House tomorrow night as a PC event actually.
And just to let everyone know,

I am a chicken.

I don't know how I got myself into it, but I don't think I'll be sleeping much tomorrow night, haunted by nightmares. *chill down my spine*

Oh and other fun news, I'm working at that Haunted House on Halloween for PC (I know ironic). I could be one of the people scaring the people who go to the Haunted House, but I asked what rooms there were and told the person who was in charge of assigning people to rooms that I was a chicken and she said "Well I need security outside." I signed right up.

I want opinions on this next idea. I'm thinking of focusing less about facebook and more on my blog. What say thee dear bloggers? Opinions are appreciated =)

That's all for now,

Friday, October 9, 2009

owl city

I love Owl City's music.

It always makes my day when ever I hear it.
In fact, I'm listening to Owl City as I write this post.
I heard him on the radio the other night and it made my day.
He sings the song "Fireflies"

You know,
"I'd like to make myself believe,
That planet earth turns slowly,
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
'Cause everything is never as it seems..."

Love it!
Check him out:

Monday, October 5, 2009

what have i been up to?

Hello! It's been a little while since the last time I blogged, again. I wanted to thank the new readers for checking out my blog =) I hope I'm interesting enough. And I love getting comments, so feel free to leave a little love! I love finding new blogs to check out too!

So, what have I been up to?

Well, classes have been going pretty well. Same old, same old.

BUT I did go to a concert last friday night!! I saw Kelly Clarkson =D She is AMAZING in concert!!

I was able to go with my friend Rachael from the other college!

I haven't seen her since move out day in May, so it was really great to see her again!!

Thanks to Shelley and Chelsey (and Chelsey's aunt) we were able to get discounted tickets from them! Here we are all together =)

Our seats were pretty good! We were in the balcony, but in the first row. It was nice not having anyone obstructing our view, haha

She has such a beautiful singing voice live!

You know when some concerts are good, but not super good? Well her show was fantastic! And it was the opening to her tour! She let's the audience sing (I love when singers let you do that because I'm always belting out the songs anyway. Hey no one can here me so why not?) and she's a very real person! I would definitely go to her show again!



It was such a fun night! And that's a little bit of what I've been up to. Maybe next time I'll tell you about a group on campus that I've been pretty excited about being a part of =)

Until Later <3