Friday, April 30, 2010

the post where i plug/apologize/share/nap

it's that time of year again. the end of the semester when papers are due, tests are overloaded and taken, and i fail at blogging.

the semester has picked up right at the end and I've had very little time to do much blogging. I go to class, maybe have some meetings, sleep (including naps even though i said i wasn't a nap person), and plan out the future.

but no future talk today.

today is a quick catch-up day!

first i would like to enter to win a book contest. I've been following an author on twitter for a couple months by the name of Jackson Pearce. while I would love to say I have read her book, I have not unfortunately. I would love to be able to read it along with many others she is giving away in this month's contest (well almost last month since it's april 30th). so help me in saying Hi! and I can't wait to read your book/soon-to-be-books-with-an-S Jackson!

As You Wish and Sisters Red (due out in June 2010)

second i would like to apologize for not reading/commenting on all those blogs i love to read and comment on. please bare with me, i'm almost finished at school.

third i'm excited to say i'm the new Director of Marketing for Program Committee next year! I'm really excited to bring some new ideas into my position and help PC thrive more in the coming semesters =D

and fourth, that's it... for now. i'm about to fall asleep at my laptop. it's been a very busy last couple of weeks!

Have a great weekend!!
=) Meghan

Saturday, April 10, 2010


my birthday was last friday on April 2nd.

I turned the ripe old age of 20.
(I kid it's not old =P )

but I'm no longer a teenager anymore.

did I feel older when I turned 20?
not really.
I actually felt older on my 19th birthday last year.
that was because it was my first year away from home for a birthday. and it was on a thursday so I couldn't go home because I had class.

anyway I kept calling it my birfday. it made me feel younger than I was turning.

I ended up going home for the weekend. it was also Easter weekend so I head home for that too.

I had dinner and cake and ice cream with my parents and younger brother. we hung out and caught up on the last couple weeks since I was home.
then my friend Jac and I went to the local shopping area and she told me that was how I was getting my present. we had a lot of fun =)

my family and friends know me so well based on the gifts they got me.
I got the new moon illustrated movie companion, a new moon edward poster (haha), a cute tank top, percy jackson and the lightning thief book, a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card (that I bought Nightlight and City of Bones with so far) and a lawn chair.

all of those might sound like pretty typical presents until you get to the lawn chair. so story time. a few weeks ago it got really nice outside and i wanted to sit out. I put my facebook status as I wish I had a lawn chair to sit out on on such a nice day. well my mom saw that and decided to get me a lawn chair.

and I love that lawn chair.

it was a great rest of the weekend! saw Remember Me for the second time on Saturday with Jac. she was just as surprised at the ending as I expected. on Sunday, aka Easter, I hung out with my parents and both my brothers (my older brother came home for a show with my little brother the night before) we had Easter supper and then my parents, older bro and I head to school to drop me off at my dorm and him at the train station that goes through campus.

there's only a month left until the end of the semester!
have a fantastic weekend =D