Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here is some more random pictures.  When I say random, you're going to be like, "umm what?"
I'm all about the random, hope you get a kick out of them =)

1. In my suite we had one door decorating contest and then another time when we just decorated our door.  Basically, it was just me and my roommate and our RA who decorated our doors.  Oh well we had fun with it.  This first one was all Kayla, I just helped put it all together.
deco door 1

This one was where you decorated with things about you.
deco door 2

2. I was playing with my hair one night and my hair came out AMAZING! I loved it so I had to take pics.

And again,

3. This is where I was going to school:

And this is where I'm heading to:
Going from the cement prison to the beautiful town ;)

4. I'm the bomb at tie-dye.  The middle two are mine.  Love them and I wear them all the time now
tie dye

5. Jac drew me some GREAT pictures.  Twilight related of course!
white board

6. Jac, our friend Nick, and I watched Toy Story the other night.  Don't hate.  We're immature and wanted to relive our childhood.  Syd is apparently their favorite.
"There's a snake in my boot!" Anyone? Anyone??
toy story

That's right, two posts in one day.  It was a slow day of Gilmore Girls and lounging =)
Later <3

Pictures of my friends and me!

Picture time!!
Some of these pics are old, some are new.  Love these pics just the same!

1. I went to Disney last year for my senior class trip.  I roomed with my best friends!  Who knew they were such SLOBS, haha
disney slobs

2. Me and my friends got in a car accident on the way to our SENIOR prom! Don't worry everyone was fine and it wasn't our fault.  Even my friends car made it out drivable with a little damage.  We weren't too late either =)
car crash crew

3. I'd like to introduce you to BOB! My awesome friends Danielle and Monika- who I miss soo much- and I made up our own nickname on top of a ton of inside jokes.

4. The beach at the end of last summer!  This is my friend Sarah-Kate and me (She was the driver in the prom accident)
beach 08

5. Six Flags New England last summer on the Merry-Go-Round!
six flags

6. At the South Shore Plaza with Shell, Jac, and our new friend Kristen (who is Shelley's roommate at school) We tried on some sweet sunglasses =)
south shore plaza

7. Springfest weekend at BSC! It was soo hot out and there was a carnival, plus snow cones!!

8. All curled up in Jac's trunk at the Drive-In!! We accidentally locked ourselves in, haha

9. My roommate and I with our Dorm-Life t-shirts on! Check out this online mini-series/mockumentary.  We love it and it's pretty hilarious!

After you watch the show, you'll understand this pic =D

10. And finally we come to the beach again! This was just this Friday.  It turned out being a little colder than we thought it would be, but we had fun anyway!
beach 09

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reality Tuesday

Happy Reality TV Tuesday!!!  Every tuesday when I was at school, my roommate Kayla and I would watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Real Housewives of New York.  While I'm not a huge fan of reality tv, this spring I did get hooked onto a few shows.

I actually hate American Idol with a passion.  I watched a little bit of the first season, but couldn't stand it from there on out.  By now I think it's kind of pointless.  It's cruel bringing out the next American Idol when there are all those other people who won, but will always be known as an American Idol.  Ruins careers and ruins lives.  Well maybe not really, but it's getting a little ridiculous. Plus I'm pretty sure Paula is high all the time, she never makes any sense!!
So this season I got hooked in and had my favorites, critiqued their performances, and made fun of their outfits. GO Kris Allen!!

Dancing with the Stars has its moments.  When they have good celebrities on I like it, but they've had some irritating celebrities on there.  But this season was a good one.  Love it!
I'm stuck between two celebrities so I'll cheer for them both.  GO Shawn Johnson!!  GO Gilles Marini!!

Real Housewives of New York is turning into a trainwreck.  It is some great entertainment for realz!
I feel bad for those women sometimes, but sometimes I don't.  So now we have Real Housewives of New Jersey, interesting.

So now while the finales of these shows come around and the new reality shows of the summer start soon, we say good-bye to reality tuesday and remember all the songs sung, dances danced, and crazy cat-fights fought.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freshmen Year is done!!

WOOOO!!! My freshmen year of college is done!!!! Yeah!!! (Sense the excitement with all the exclamation points)  This year has flown by.  It's soo crazy that I'm moved out, said goodbye to my awesome roommate (I couldn't have asked for anyone better), finished finals (and hopefully passed them), and am now sitting home alone while my parents are camping and my little bro is at his friends house.  

I had the craziest day yesterday! It was the longest day of my life!!  This is how it went:
Thursday night I went home to go to the band concert.  So I stayed home over night and studied while I was there. Then I went back to school around 10. I had a final at 11:30.  I took my final, then studied for my other final, took that final, and packed the rest of my room up.  It took me a little while because I was on my own.  I packed the car, but then I had to wait around until 7:30 for the RA to check me out.  My roommate and I were both waiting around so we watched some season 1 of The Office.  Then we were checked out around 8, said our goodbyes (soo sad), and left.  I got home around 9.  It was long and I was tired.

I'm really happy it's finally done.  It's like a giant relief taken off my shoulders.  So now I have the summer to look forward to with my friends and family.  I can't wait to get it started.  Dare I say that I'm looking forward to working again too?? Dare I? Yeah the funds are low.  Ah the life of an end of the semester poor college student =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Classes are done!

Today is a happy day.  I'm done taking classes at this college!!  This is a happy day because after I finish finals, I'll be done at this college all together and off to my new college next semester =D

This school hasn't been all terrible to me.  I'm just not in the place I want to be.  So I'm moving onto a school where I'll fit in well.  I have four friends there already.  They're all rooming together next year.  They're excited that I'm heading to their school.  So next year will be better, and I'm soo excited to get there!!

But for now, summer is a matter of days away.  Three days to be exact.  Three stress filled days of studying.  But it will all be worth it in the end!! 

Now how am I going to move all my stuff out of my room???

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday

My parents just bought a new camper a few weeks ago.  They set it up today to look at everything that was going on inside of it.  We ended up hanging out in it pretty much all afternoon.  The camper is a pop-up.  It was pretty easy to get it all set up.  The maiden voyage is this weekend.

I'm suppose to go camping on this maiden voyage, but it is also the busiest freaking week of college.  This is how it's going: My last two days of classes are Monday and Tuesday.  Weird I know, but I don't question the establishment.  Then I have what they call a "study day." Basically it's a day off before you start to take finals.  My mom is also coming up that day to get a lot of my dorm room stuff.  Thursday I have my first final in the afternoon from 3-6.  I'm leaving school right after the final to go home to my high school where I will watch the band and auxiliary perform.  I twirled baton in high school.  Actually, I twirled baton for like 8 or 9 years (4th grade to 12th grade).  I'm a band geek at heart.  Anyway, I'll head back to school friday morning for two finals.  AND THEN I may or may not be going camping with my parents.  We'll see.  And I might have one more final on Monday from 8-11. 

So is the life of a college student.  It will be a busy week, but it will also be a very fast week.  I should go work on an English essay so I can work on a 6-7 page Econ paper that I have yet to start. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yeah, first post!

Welcome to my blog!

I'm really new to this whole blogging business.  I hope anyone who reads this is interested in what I have to say.  I have an opinion on most things, but sometimes I can't get that opinion out there.  It stinks, but whatev. This is what my blog will be for!

SO, time for a little introduction!  
  • My name is Meghan, with an H.  Not sure why I have an H, but I love my name just the same. 
  • I'm 19 and live in a small town in Massachusetts.  I love New England and will probably live here all my life.  
  • I'm just about to finish my freshmen year in college.  It wasn't the greatest, so I'm transferring to a different college next semester.  I'm really excited about it!  My major is Math.  Yes, Math.  I want to go into teaching.  
  • I love my family.  My parents and my two brothers are awesome!  I'm very lucky to have such a great family =)
  • We have two pets, Edd and Jerry.  Edd is the family cat and Jerry is my mom's hamster that my dad got her for Valentine's Day. 
  • I'm a little addicted to a certain series of books.  You might have heard of it? It's called Twilight.  Don't be surprised if I randomly break out in a "OMG Edward Cullen" tangent.  I swear it won't be that bad ;)
Of course, there's more to me than that.  I'll have stories and experiences for you soon enough!

<3 Meghan