Friday, November 13, 2009

here it is

Kellan Lutz is gorgeous. That is all.

Here's the story.

I went to the mall with Chelsea and Sydney (my sleeping on the mall floor buddies) and Sydney's friends Brianna and Jillian. We got to the mall around 4pm. The autograph signing was set to start at 5:45. When we got to the mall there were already over 200 people. We asked what time the line started forming. The Hot Topic person said they started seeing people at around 2:30!

We had to wait outside for an hour in the cold. The mall would only let 220 people stand in line inside the mall. Here's Sydney, Chelsea, and me (the other girls didn't have bracelets for the signing so they waited inside).


The signing started and we made our way inside. There were so many news reporters there covering the story. My parents saw me on the news =)


We couldn't take pictures with him or of him, couldn't have him sign anything personal, and he couldn't personalize anything. Sorry I can't show a pic wicked close up =/
He was soo sweet to this little girl a couple of people in front of me. She was very shy when she was at the table. Kellan asked her a question and she didn't hear him or was really nervous he was actually talking to her so she started walking away. He said, "I'm not letting you go that easily" and she turned around. He gave her a high five, it was so nice!!

I couldn't think of anything to say to him so I just said hi and thank you. When he looked at me, oh my gosh... Yup I was star struck, haha!

After we said hi and got our posters we went and put them in the car so we wouldn't bend and ruin them, we went over to the stage. There were a lot of people there but we got a pretty good standing spot on the side about 3 or 4 people deep. We didn't have to wait very long before the band Hurricane Bells performed. They sing the song "Monster" on the New Moon soundtrack.


They sang 4 songs. They were pretty good, not really my kind of music but they put on a good performance.
We had to wait half an hour for Kellan to come out. In the meantime, a radio dj was doing some trivia and giving out prizes. So the time finally came for Kellan to come out!!
(warning: turn your volume down)

He has a picture of Ashley Greene because she was suppose to come to our stop on the tour, but something came up (she had filming for Eclipse to do) and she couldn't come. I thought it was so cute. When he came in, we were literally forced forward by the crowd. It was very close quarters to say the least.

Here he is!


It's a good thing I'm tall.




He talked about how Eclipse is going to be "dark and edgy" and how he loved doing the fight sequences and stunts!!
He said his favorite part of playing Emmett is being able to make fun of Bella. He said he would make Kristen Stewart laugh during their scenes!!
His favorite book in the series is Eclipse (which is mine too!!)
He says he loves going to fan events like the one last night instead of the "boring" press tours, haha =)

It was only a half hour long, but it was so much fun! It was totally worth sleeping on the floor! I can't wait for New Moon to open in a week =D I have my ticket for the midnight show (technically the 12:10 show because the 12:01 and 12:05 were sold out!!) I. can. not. wait!!!

Here's the poster with his signature:


I have a few more pictures of him and video. Let me know if you guys want to see more =)


3 two cents' worth:

amanda leeann said...

that's so cool! i live in knoxville, and they're having a premiere at a theater here...lautner and stewart are both going to be there. i didn't feel like paying $250 for a ticket, so i'll be staying home! haha. i'm glad you had fun!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Wow, looks amazing and I'm super jealous. Glad you had an amazing time!!

Lauren said...

That is so so so amazing! So fun!