Thursday, March 15, 2012

what's 8 months in the scheme of things?


it's almost been so long now I don't know what where to start.

so I'll start with a list because I love lists.

1. there are 58 days until I graduate

2. I'm the Class of 2012 President

3. I read 19 books last year

4. I have a couple of purple streaks in my hair

5. I'm taking 4 classes right now. my last Math class where I have to write a 15 page paper, two psychology classes for my minor and a history class for no reason.

6. I have a kindle and I love it

7. my younger brother is a marine and lives in California right now. my older brother is graduated from college (finally) and lives in Boston working full time as a computer nerd (haha I kid he maintains servers)

8. I missed blogging but lost the motivation over the last 8 months

9. I want a new simple blog layout but don't know where to get one.

10. I'm participating in the BSU Blogfest for social media week again this year. I'm using it as my jumping point to refresh and rejuvenate O&ID

hope you'll all stick around to see me through my last couple months of undergrad and my post graduation life.

until later (but not too much later)
:) Meg O

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