Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm pretty pumped.

Want to know why?

Well there's a few things.

First, I'm having a few good friends over Saturday night. It's a cookout, swim, sleep in the camper kind of hang out. Can't wait!

Second, I'm reading some awesome books right now. And I'm pretty pumped over the fact that I'm into reading lately. I feel like it's soo much better than watching tv.

Third, I move into school in 10 days!! Yes I'm one of those people who like school. Well, it's mostly the fact that I'm going to a different school. I. Can. Not. Wait.

Those are the main reasons why I'm pumped.

Especially the last part about school.
I can't wait to think!


P.S. Roommate, If you're out there HOLLER at me =)

1 two cents' worth:

Connie said...

Good times! I like school too. Infact, writing that post for BBL was harder than my AP Calc test. No lie.

yep... thanks for your comment btw!