Monday, August 31, 2009

i'm in!

I'M IN!!

I have officially moved into the new college. It honestly feels like a few weeks ago I was writing my first post on here. It was the end of last semester, like 3 and a half months ago. Oh my how time flies when you're having fun!

Let's talk about how great this college is...

No better, let's talk about how great this college is compared to the last college!

1) The dorm room- Umm they don't compare.
I'm not sweating my butt off just sitting at my desk.
My feet aren't touching some sicknast carpet that who knows when the last time it was cleaned, let alone vacuumed.
The furniture is BRAND NEW. Legit, I'm the first person to use it new.
I'm on the first freaking floor! Not the more-of-a-fourth-floor third floor.
2) My friends are here.
A ten minute walk away, not a big deal at all.
Plus they have a pretty sweet suite, we've been chilling in there a lot.
3) The classrooms
Okay, so classes don't start until Wednesday, but I can guarantee they don't look like a cement prison cell.
4) The campus looks beautiful (not to mention looks like a college campus)
Green grass and flowers = beautiful
Sort of greenish grass and weird plants = not beautiful
5) I'm happy
Which is pretty nice =)

1 two cents' worth:

Meredith said...

I'm happy you're happy!! I saw your room pictures on Facebook. Nice!!