Monday, February 1, 2010

socially off...

do you ever have those days where you just want to throw some pjs on and watch movies all day with one other person?

well i'm having one of those kind of days.

it's a weird mood.
i call it a "socially off" kind of day.

my problems are:
1) I would like to hang out with people or be around people.
2) when i am around people I want to be alone.
3) at the same time, I don't want to be around people
4) it's monday

it's a terrible problem that occurs every once in a while.
not all my mondays are like this.

i think my plan of attack for the rest of the day is to:
- go work my 2 hour shift tutoring
- put pjs on afterwards
- eat dinner in tonight
- work on my homework
- find something mindless to watch on tv tonight
- go to bed at a decent time

hopefully this will remedy the situation and my tuesday will turn out to be a better day.
actually i know it will, there's PC tomorrow and i like PC =)

do you ever have one of those socially off days?

and thank you for letting me rant. heart

2 two cents' worth:

Erica H said...

I have social days off a lot. I've been having one of those 'days' for the past two weeks now!

But when I was in college it would hit me and it would hit me hard. After I'd get more sensible I'd always realize I would have those moments towards and end of a really stressful period (and it still stands true). Either stress with family and friends or just a lot of work to get done with classes I'd get to a breaking point where I wanted to be around people because I felt lonely but I also just wanted everyone to leave me alone.

I'd always urge my roommate to go out and do something fun then just be a complete blob for the hours she was gone. I'd be in my pjs and watch some brainless tv. It always helped.

You are not alone! And feel better. :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Rant away! This is your blog to say what you wish!

I hope today is a better day for you! I've had those days and they are not fun. Hang in there, it'll get better! Love you big!!