Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 things going on right now

1. I'm procrastinating on my computer homework

2. Waiting for a meeting to start in 22 minutes (we'll be starting late; we always do)

3. I want chocolate really bad

4. I'm watching my friend Emily dance and laughing at her out of love.

5. Looking forward to friday

6. Loving the lovely messages from some wonderful ladies. You have certainly made me feel better about the future. I'll respond to you soon. Let's talk more about it okay?

7. Sitting in the PC office

8. Going to get ice cream soon or that chocolate I was just thinking about

9. Thinking I need to do a post like this fairly regularly

10. Happy that I was able to think of 10 things I'm doing right now

1 two cents' worth:

Vanessa said...

I'm procrastinating on studying. Fail.

I need Friday now.

Love this kind of post!

Love Chocolate!

Love Ice Cream!

Love you!