Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hello there

well would you look at that!

i'm FINALLY on summer break!!

cue WOOOOOO and happy dance!!!

finals are DONE and everything is home. I have no plans to do anything for a week.

best feeling ever :)

you were just like "wait a week?!?"

yes a week.

I'm moving back to school to work Orientation next tuesday :)

I'm not mad about it at all.

my junior year of college has been the craziest one yet.

let's hope senior year is just as crazy and more amazing.

1 two cents' worth:

Young People in Love said...

Just found your bloggy and had to tell you it's darling! I'm your newest follower, mmkay?? ;)

And yes- your jr. year WILL be a thousand times better. And then comes graduation...JUST YOU WAIT! Best feeling ever!