Thursday, December 3, 2009


Remember when I said November was going to be a fantastic month and so much better than last November?

Well it certainly was pretty dang great!!

I did fun things

I saw family who live far away

I had an all around good month!

I can not believe it is already freaking December!!

It doesn't feel like it today (especially with the 67 degree temperature outside!) You have to remember this is New England people. We have freezing cold temperatures one day, but the next day we'll be in t-shirts. Fact of life with living in New England ;)

I'm very excited for December. I LOVE Christmas! It's my absolute favorite holiday ever <3

There's only 5 days of classes left before finals start. I'm hoping they won't be too difficult, but we'll see how that goes...

My dorm room is semi decorated for Christmas and there isn't many days left until break =)

2 two cents' worth:

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I'm glad November went better for you! I can't believe it's December either.

I wish it was 67 here. It was only 50 and it is suppose to snow on Saturday. I'm so sad. I hate snow.

I have 15 days until the end of finals! Wooohooo! Here's to making it through in one piece!

SJ said...

November WAS such a good month! I am glad December started though, SO CLOSE TO BREAK! Good luck on your finals, girl! I know you'll rock them!