Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funny Story

So I have a funny story about a Professor.  
He taught Calc 1 and Calc 2.  He's Asian (like many Math prof, but they're the best teachers!) and has a strong accent.  I had him two semesters so I got pretty used to his accent.  But because he had an accent, he also mixed up his wording sometimes.  They were the funniest things!! 
A friend of mine from class, Kristen, and I would hang out in the Underground Cafe (a little cafe at school that was literally underground, kind of) talking about his funny sayings. 

Of course I wrote several of them down.  Of course I'm going to share them with you!!  ;)

Alfaisms if you will.
  • "Cheeseburger and a Jumbo Jet Machine" 
  • That's right a cheeseburger AND specifically a JUMBO JET MACHINE
  • "Tell your grandma"
  • She might want to know what you're learning in Calculus
  • "No tricks, no jokes, just pure math"
  • For realzz
  • "You find a skeleton of a dinosaur. In it's stomach you find Calculus book."
  • He was talking about how long Math has been around.
  • "Electric bracelet and I use my Mac to zap you"
  • When we fall asleep
  • "Guessing numbers with Grandma"
  • A fun game for all!!
  • "I just want to train you to be a good spy."
  • See kids Math is actually helpful later on in life!
  • "Sometimes, some cookies are too big to chew"
  • True fact
  • "Substract"
  • Not Subtract
  • "Sweeeeeet"
  • Pronounced "Sweeeeeet"
  • "I do not want answer from heaven"
  • Those lovely answers that just come to you, but you can't quite solve because God helped you out.
  • "Give this guy a Thanksgiving gift for helping you"
  • I'm not sure...
  • "Even though you love math, don't tell your partner you love math so much"
  • They might get jealous
  • "Later you're going to need to build a bridge from Newport to Boston"
  • Again, I'm not sure
  • "Dr. Jekell and Mrs. Hyde"
  • ...
  • "Gramma put GPS on you"
  • For realzz?? 
  • "Ohhh Maxima. Free"
  • HAHAHA! So Maxima is this free math program we had to download and he was just reflecting on that fact, lol
  • "From polar to rectangular with love"
  • He actually wrote this one on the board
  • "The Wall-E signal"
  • He was talking about satellites and decided it was a signal for Wall-E
So this class was soo great.  Calc 2 was a lot harder so naturally I paid more attention to the funnier stuff.  He really said these things in class.  I think he was just trying to make class more interesting.  He was a great professor!

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