Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm a Crazy Fangirl and I have a problem

Truth time: I'm Meghan and I'm a Twi-holic.
I'm addicted to Twilight and everything that has to do with it.  It's a legit problem.
I watched the MTV Movie Awards the other night and got excited whenever anything Twilight or Rob Pattinson ever came on the tv.
What to do what to do...

My only solution to the problem is to feed it.  Ok well while I wish that were the case, alas I can not.   I do need to make sure I don't lock myself in my room for three days straight until I finish one of the books (which I've done on multiple occasions).  I need to talk about something other than Twilight with people.  I should stop perusing the Twilight blogs and stop following Twilight people on Twitter.

Of course I'm joking!! I do love me some Twilight on many occasions, but I'm not to the point where I'm a crazy site stalker who has home-made t-shirts and who spends all my money on everything Twilight.  So I don't see my obsession as a bad thing.  I really like it so sue me.

I only have a few Twilight paraphernalia (i.e. Edward poster, Twilight key chain).  I might buy a bag with some quotes on it, maybe.  I plan on going to see New Moon at midnight on November 20, 2009. But that is it.  Nothing too overtly obsessed fan.  I don't plan on going across country or to another state if the cast is going to be anywhere or if there's some kind of event or convention anywhere.  While I would like to, that just can't happen, I won't allow myself to it (plus I'm poor and in college).

So while I'm slightly obsessed and have watched the new New Moon trailer numerous times (with more in my future) I understand what I'm doing.  I'm obsessed, but I still go to work and I went to class and did my homework, so it's on a healthy level.  Love Twilight long time, for realzzz.

I'm pumped for this:
new moon poster

You can watch the trailer here (if you want) =)

(No offense to anyone who has gone across the country for Twilight or on the movie sites.  I'm a little jealous actually.  I love that some people can be soo passionate about something.)

1 two cents' worth:

Kortnii said...

I think everyone has this addiction. may they be out with it or hiding it in their closets....everyones got it :]