Saturday, June 20, 2009

wow i'm bad

I'm kind of a terrible blogger apparently.  Im wicked inconsistent with my blogging.  That and I have nothing to blog about.  Welp let me think...

Oh ok, so I got my wisdom teeth out.  Do I feel like I have less wisdom?  No not really.  Haha I know, but someone actually asked me that.  It's been like three days.  I still kinda have chipmunk cheeks, but I've also got this bruise.  It looks like I got punched in the face. I think I've decided to make up a fun story for you about my wicked awesome punch in the face (yup just decided that right this second).

So this kid, let's call her Jane (because a guy would never and should never punch a girl, i hope) got all up in my grill.  That's right all up in my grill.  I was like, "What are you thinkin' gettin' all up in my grill like this, yo?" (because apparently I'm gangsta in my story) "Jane" was like, "You all went and stole my pen!" 
"What the flip?!? I never stole no pen of urs!" I exclaimed (and urs is pronounced like that all slurred).
"Yeah you did you flippin' stich!" screamed "Jane" (not the other words, really flippin' and stich.  this was an intense fight can't you tell?).
Then "Jane" goes and punches me right in the lower jaw and runs off. Yup she ran off because I stole her pen. So this is my epic fight that resulted in a bruise and chipmunk cheeks.

I'm a terrible story teller.  I would show evidence of her punch, but seeing as I will not allow many to see me in this condition, I'm going to have to say you'll have to wait to see my pretty face sans chipmunk cheeks. Moral of the story: Don't get in fights and Meghan should not write stories.


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