Saturday, February 27, 2010

well then

i have to admit, i haven't really felt motivated to blog in the last few weeks.

its not because i feel like blogging is getting old, but i've just been so involved with school and worrying about applications and actually having work and reading to do for classes.

so i want to do an epic post about my trips, yes trips, to Boston in the last week.

i'm not going to promise a specific day, but look out for it =)

i'm also going to try to do more posts (hopefully) for March.
maybe even a count down to my birthday (33 days), we'll see.

i've certainly been busy in the last few weeks. you are more than welcome to watch my tweets (@MEO18) to see what i'm doing/what i've been up to if you aren't already.

so just to let you know, i am here =)


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