Saturday, April 10, 2010


my birthday was last friday on April 2nd.

I turned the ripe old age of 20.
(I kid it's not old =P )

but I'm no longer a teenager anymore.

did I feel older when I turned 20?
not really.
I actually felt older on my 19th birthday last year.
that was because it was my first year away from home for a birthday. and it was on a thursday so I couldn't go home because I had class.

anyway I kept calling it my birfday. it made me feel younger than I was turning.

I ended up going home for the weekend. it was also Easter weekend so I head home for that too.

I had dinner and cake and ice cream with my parents and younger brother. we hung out and caught up on the last couple weeks since I was home.
then my friend Jac and I went to the local shopping area and she told me that was how I was getting my present. we had a lot of fun =)

my family and friends know me so well based on the gifts they got me.
I got the new moon illustrated movie companion, a new moon edward poster (haha), a cute tank top, percy jackson and the lightning thief book, a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card (that I bought Nightlight and City of Bones with so far) and a lawn chair.

all of those might sound like pretty typical presents until you get to the lawn chair. so story time. a few weeks ago it got really nice outside and i wanted to sit out. I put my facebook status as I wish I had a lawn chair to sit out on on such a nice day. well my mom saw that and decided to get me a lawn chair.

and I love that lawn chair.

it was a great rest of the weekend! saw Remember Me for the second time on Saturday with Jac. she was just as surprised at the ending as I expected. on Sunday, aka Easter, I hung out with my parents and both my brothers (my older brother came home for a show with my little brother the night before) we had Easter supper and then my parents, older bro and I head to school to drop me off at my dorm and him at the train station that goes through campus.

there's only a month left until the end of the semester!
have a fantastic weekend =D

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Vanessa said...

Gosh, you are getting soooo old! ;)

I remember when you posted about wanting a lawn chair! How awesome that you got one! 8)

Bring on the end of the semester!!!!!!