Sunday, March 25, 2012

100th post


hi friends,

It's been almost 3 years and I just now land on my 100th post.

well I'm totally okay with that. it's been a busy 3 years!

keeping any thought in my head straight this last month (read: 6 months) has been kind of hard. putting it down in blog form has been even harder.

I wanted to contribute more to the BSU Blogfest 2012 more than I did. last week turned into the craziest week ever for some reason. I feel like many of the coming weeks are going to end up like that.
this weekend alone was a busy one. all I wanted to do today was chill out watching youtube videos. and watch I did.
let me recap some of the weekend for you.

we all know thursday was THE night. Hunger Games night. I bought tickets and organized rides for about 23 people to go see the midnight premiere. we all sat around each other and I know everyone had a blast!

friday I had to go dress shopping but also had tickets to the Providence Bruins game. my roommate Morgan, old roommate Nicole, and I went to Providence Place mall a little earlier to shop then we went to the game. it was a lot of fun and they ended up winning!

last night I went to a dance with my friend Andrea. it was her sorority's Crush Party. we danced and had a lot of fun. then played Taboo afterwards.

this morning I went to breakfast with some friends, three of which graduated last year and I don't see them ever! then I proceeded to watch youtube videos the rest of the day (with some facetiming my parents mixed in).

busy weekend makes Meghan a tired lady.

now I'm off to start writing a paper for my psych of personality class. nothing like a paper to end your weekend right.

oh and sleep. sleep will be nice.

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Morgan Brooks said...

Congrats love! So exciting.