Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here is some more random pictures.  When I say random, you're going to be like, "umm what?"
I'm all about the random, hope you get a kick out of them =)

1. In my suite we had one door decorating contest and then another time when we just decorated our door.  Basically, it was just me and my roommate and our RA who decorated our doors.  Oh well we had fun with it.  This first one was all Kayla, I just helped put it all together.
deco door 1

This one was where you decorated with things about you.
deco door 2

2. I was playing with my hair one night and my hair came out AMAZING! I loved it so I had to take pics.

And again,

3. This is where I was going to school:

And this is where I'm heading to:
Going from the cement prison to the beautiful town ;)

4. I'm the bomb at tie-dye.  The middle two are mine.  Love them and I wear them all the time now
tie dye

5. Jac drew me some GREAT pictures.  Twilight related of course!
white board

6. Jac, our friend Nick, and I watched Toy Story the other night.  Don't hate.  We're immature and wanted to relive our childhood.  Syd is apparently their favorite.
"There's a snake in my boot!" Anyone? Anyone??
toy story

That's right, two posts in one day.  It was a slow day of Gilmore Girls and lounging =)
Later <3

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