Thursday, December 31, 2009

the decade and a happy new year(s eve)

i have a terrible memory.

that's just how it is.
i can't remember what was going on in my life when i was 10 in 2000.

it's only in the more recent years (2007-now) that i have more vivid memories.

that's probably because that's when i actually started doing things and hanging out with friends who actually had fun.
the memories i've made with them have been worth remembering.

some of the things i do remember:
2000- I turned 10 and thought it was so cool being an age in the double digits
-went to Disney World for the first time!

2001- we moved to my "new" house (aka my current house)

2002- can't remember much

2003- was officially a teenager (seemed cool at the time)

2004- i think this was the year i went to chicago on my first band trip, but i wasn't twirling baton in the band yet, i was in national line and held a flag...

2005- went to Disney World for the second time

2006- turned 16 and got my permit
- went to Virginia Beach on a band trip
-stopped playing soccer
-started hanging out with my good group of friends

was a junior in high school
got my license
turned 17
went to my first prom
started working at the farm
had one of the best summers of my life
started my senior year of high school
finally made national honor society

applied to college
was accepted to the 3 colleges i applied to
turned 18
went to Disney World with my best friends on our senior class trip
graduated from high school
had another awesome summer
started college at college #1
experienced aspects of college i did not want to
lost my grandmother and went to florida to say good-bye

had a minor winter break, breakdown
learned a lot about myself
applied and was accepted to college #2
turned 19
finished my semester at college #1 with good grades
started this blog
had one of the fastest summers of my life
started at college #2 where i've met so many great people
really found the school where i'm happiest
met many awesome blog friends

that's been my decade at a quick glance or at least what i can remember.

i'm definitely looking forward to the many other experiences that will come with this new decade and next part of my life.

Happy 2010!!
have fun tonight and stay safe =)

1 two cents' worth:

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

YAY for the decade post. I love it! Bring on 2010, I'm ready!

I'm so jealous of all your Disney World trips. Just an fyi.