Friday, March 18, 2011

BSU Blogfest

you all know I love twitter
and facebook
and this blog
and my readers
and my school

it's true, i do.

well next week I'm going to be participating in the BSU Blogfest.

I'm sort of excited for it.

let me explain what is going to happen:

all next week, I'm going to be blogging about the theme of the day. each day has a different theme. I'm going to try my hardest not to stop writing in the style that I already do. my style goes with the flow and is basically whatever comes to mind. so whatever I think of is what I'll be blogging about. you know, the usual.

the Blogfest is part of a weeklong event hosted by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at my college, Bridgewater State University. this event is called Social Media Week!
there are so many different clubs, organizations, faculty, staff, and students who use twitter, blogs, facebook or other social media sites on our campus that it's time we use all of them in one week.

I normally write about my life and that isn't going to change next week. I'll be doing my best to apply the themes to things I've experienced in my life while still staying lighthearted and optimistic like I've always wanted this blog to stay.

I hope you all enjoy being a little piece of my every day life next week! please feel free to comment on the posts or write your own posts with your thoughts on the theme of the day or how social media ties into and affects your life. and if you do let me know! I want to know!

there are other blogs participating in the Blogfest and many more people tweeting and discussing social media all next week!
check out the other blogs here
we'll also be using the hashtag #BSUsmw on twitter all week as well.
if you don't already follow me on twitter you can find me @MEO18

I can't wait to hear your thoughts about all the themes and everything else to do with social media next week!

get excited!!


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