Friday, March 4, 2011

the non-french lesson

I took french in high school.

my teacher was a nice person. I learned a little bit of french. do I remember any french? um, not really, but I can say Je m'appelle Meghan (which I think means My name is Meghan) that's all I've got.

what I do remember is when we had a lesson on doing nice things for others.

with the lesson she wanted us to watch Pay it Forward. you know the one with Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey, and Helen Hunt? we even got to watch it with no subtitles.

anyway it was a great lesson to have in junior year of high school, but just a little weird to have in a french class.

the idea of it is great, if you do something nice for someone and they do something nice for someone else, this kindness will spread to many others.

well a few weeks ago Vanessa over at Caramel Covered Photographs passed this amazing idea along.

"Here's the deal. I promise to send three of you something homemade sometime in 2011. In order to take part, you need to leave me a comment and also post this idea on your blog, continuing to pay it forward"

it's a great idea that I want to send to three of my fantastic readers so we can spread the happiness and make others day.

remember to leave your email address in the comment

my french teacher would be so proud. and thanks Vanessa for this amazing idea!

2 two cents' worth:

Vanessa said...

I love this post & that you are doing this! You'll get something sometime from me! 8)

Elysie Piecie said...

So...I just realized you did this. Sign me up!