Monday, November 2, 2009

new music

I kind of really like music. I love walking to class with my earbuds in listening to my newest music. I love getting a new song I've fallen in love with and playing it on repeat 10 times before I figure I should move onto the next one before I start to get sick of it. I love loading my ipod touch with my new songs. I love sharing new songs with friends.

I'm not super picky. I enjoy mostly top 40/pop music. I like really upbeat music that I can sing my heart out to. I wish I could show you my itunes music library. That would definitely give you a better idea of my music preferences.

I LOVE singing in the car, in my dorm room, my bedroom at home, even though I'm kind of a terrible singer. I always wished I had an amazing voice and people wanted me to sing. I got over that fast, but will still sing if I love the song. I'll even break out in song sometimes if I have a song stuck in my head.

I say all this because I'm listening to some new songs right now. It just inspired me to write a blog post about how much I love listening to music.

I know my preferences change depending on what kind of mood I'm in or what's going on right now in my life. Pretty sure everyone is like that in one way or another.

I'm listening to Demi Lovato's latest CD at the moment. I have been listening to the New Moon soundtrack, "Just Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble, some songs from Glee, and I'm always listening to Owl City.

What are you listening to now?

1 two cents' worth:

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Life would be incomplete without music. I would not be able to live without it because it surrounds me all the time.

Right now I'm listening to Daughtry because I am seeing them in concert this Thursday so it is a strictly prep week listening to only his stuff! Haha. 8)