Sunday, November 15, 2009

tag! you're it

I've never been tagged before let alone awarded a blog award and I'm quite happy about it! Thank You Vanessa!!

She combined the two awards into one, so I guess I'll just do the same =)

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The rules for Kreativ blogger are:
1) List 7 things about myself that others may not know
2) Award 7 people with the award
And the Honest Scrap Award:
1) divulge 10 honest things about yourself
2) Pass the award onto 7 bloggers who you believe will be 100% truthful

Now me =)

1. I've lived in my hometown for almost 15 years. I moved here when I was 5 years old and can still sort of remember my last day at my school. It was Halloween and I was in Kindergarten.

2. I always had a hard time making friends when I was younger. I got better at it as I got older (specifically sophomore year in high school).

3. I have never dyed my hair, until this weekend. And I LOVE it =)

4. I've never been on a date/had a boyfriend. I wish that would change...

5. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie.

6. All my money goes towards movies, music, and candy.

7. I procrastinate so bad. I usually wait until the very last minute to do papers or projects. I hate it, but still do it anyway.

8. I love to laugh. If you can make me laugh, we can get along very well. I think laughter and happiness are something you can absolutely create in your life. It's the best help when things aren't the best for you at the time. I strive to stay happy every day. And sort of to go along with that, I hate crying in front of people. I hate crying period and that has been quite the problem in the past...

9. I watch Disney Channel all the time. I usually watch it when no one else is around though =)

10. I would love to study abroad in England. I think that would be the most amazing experience ever! Plus I love British accents ;)

Now I tag:

1 two cents' worth:

SJ said...

Um, I feel like we have a ton in common.

1. I've lived in my hometown for 18 years.
2. I've never been on a date or had a boyfriend.
3. I freakin' love Finding Nemo.
4. All my money goes to movies, iTunes and food.
5. I am an awful procrastinator.
6. I love to laugh!
7. I want to study abroad in England.

Yep, I'm officially glad I'm a follower.