Sunday, November 1, 2009

welcome november!!

Happy November 1st!!

I failed and forgot to do a blog to say Happy Halloween, so...


Let me explain to you the craziest, weirdest Halloween I've had in years or maybe ever.

I said earlier in October that I was going to a Haunted House and that I would be working this Haunted House on Halloween. Well I did! But let's start back to Friday first.

I went to my 8am class, the only class I have on Fridays. It turns out there was less than half the class there, so my professor cancelled class.
After having no class, I went to breakfast with my friends like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I worked the table for caricatures for Homecoming and PC. I hung out in my room, took a quick nap, and went to float building for the homecoming parade at 8. Afterwards I went and hung out with some cool people watching them play old school Super Mario on the original Nintendo. Pretty normal friday night.

Here's where the start of my Halloween began. My friend Chelsea came by and picked me up at 11:30 pm. We drove to the Mall an hour away. Then we camped out on the floor until 8 am.
Now, why the heck was I camping out on the floor? To buy my t-shirt and receive my wristband to meet Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz who play Alice and Emmett Cullen from the Twilight movies =D
Hot Topic was selling 500 limited edition The Twilight Saga: New Moon t-shirts. The wristband came with it and gives us the chance to meet these actors and get their autographs!! And I got mine!!! So here's to November 12th when they'll be at the mall!!! I'm so excited and can not wait =D

Since I basically slept on the floor of the mall friday night, I slept from 10-3. A nice 5 hour nap. I had to get up and get ready to go to Barrett's Haunted House at 4:30.
We got there and were brought into the House for a tour. Everything was running, but since we were the characters in it, there were no people to jump out at you. When I went a couple weeks ago, it was really scary, especially when the people jump out at you. This time going through it was STILL scary. The place is just eerie and gross. I kind of chickened out and was going to be the trailer watcher, all by myself sitting in the trailer watching everyone's things. I was alright with it. But the guy who runs the house asked if I wanted to be a scraper. I was very apprehensive and wanted to say no. But he assured me all I would be doing is sitting on a stool running a metal wand against a grate and operating an air cannon. I accepted, it sounded easy enough. It was easy. The scraper made sparks and the air cannon was perfect for scaring people. The only downside. I had to sit in this little closet thing in the PITCH DARK all by myself. I was a little nervous, but by the end I was so tired I just went with it.
I scared so many people! Sparks in a completely dark room is really scary. Add the air cannon when they least expected it and they went running into the next room!!

I know this November is going to be a better November than last year was. Of course I'll explain all that later.

Happy November Everyone! Enjoy the weather and start fasting for Thanksgiving =)

2 two cents' worth:

Meredith said...

Well, I guess you had yourself a great weekend! Good for you. Who needs parents on parents weekend, right? Our Halloween night was VERY boring since H1N1 came to 38 Douglas Hill Way. Lights out and signs on the doors telling trick or treaters to stay away. :(

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I can't believe it is November already. Craaaazy.

I can't believe you get to meet Kellan and Ashley soon. How awesome and I bet it made camping out on the floor tooootally worth it.

I'm glad you enjoyed your haunted house! I would have freaked out in a small corner. I am totally the girl who goes through the houses and screams EVERY SINGLE TIME the air goes off. Yep, I'm that awesome.