Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday

My parents just bought a new camper a few weeks ago.  They set it up today to look at everything that was going on inside of it.  We ended up hanging out in it pretty much all afternoon.  The camper is a pop-up.  It was pretty easy to get it all set up.  The maiden voyage is this weekend.

I'm suppose to go camping on this maiden voyage, but it is also the busiest freaking week of college.  This is how it's going: My last two days of classes are Monday and Tuesday.  Weird I know, but I don't question the establishment.  Then I have what they call a "study day." Basically it's a day off before you start to take finals.  My mom is also coming up that day to get a lot of my dorm room stuff.  Thursday I have my first final in the afternoon from 3-6.  I'm leaving school right after the final to go home to my high school where I will watch the band and auxiliary perform.  I twirled baton in high school.  Actually, I twirled baton for like 8 or 9 years (4th grade to 12th grade).  I'm a band geek at heart.  Anyway, I'll head back to school friday morning for two finals.  AND THEN I may or may not be going camping with my parents.  We'll see.  And I might have one more final on Monday from 8-11. 

So is the life of a college student.  It will be a busy week, but it will also be a very fast week.  I should go work on an English essay so I can work on a 6-7 page Econ paper that I have yet to start. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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