Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures of my friends and me!

Picture time!!
Some of these pics are old, some are new.  Love these pics just the same!

1. I went to Disney last year for my senior class trip.  I roomed with my best friends!  Who knew they were such SLOBS, haha
disney slobs

2. Me and my friends got in a car accident on the way to our SENIOR prom! Don't worry everyone was fine and it wasn't our fault.  Even my friends car made it out drivable with a little damage.  We weren't too late either =)
car crash crew

3. I'd like to introduce you to BOB! My awesome friends Danielle and Monika- who I miss soo much- and I made up our own nickname on top of a ton of inside jokes.

4. The beach at the end of last summer!  This is my friend Sarah-Kate and me (She was the driver in the prom accident)
beach 08

5. Six Flags New England last summer on the Merry-Go-Round!
six flags

6. At the South Shore Plaza with Shell, Jac, and our new friend Kristen (who is Shelley's roommate at school) We tried on some sweet sunglasses =)
south shore plaza

7. Springfest weekend at BSC! It was soo hot out and there was a carnival, plus snow cones!!

8. All curled up in Jac's trunk at the Drive-In!! We accidentally locked ourselves in, haha

9. My roommate and I with our Dorm-Life t-shirts on! Check out this online mini-series/mockumentary.  We love it and it's pretty hilarious!

After you watch the show, you'll understand this pic =D

10. And finally we come to the beach again! This was just this Friday.  It turned out being a little colder than we thought it would be, but we had fun anyway!
beach 09

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